You can do it all

I needed the message I received yesterday. I needed it badly. The Lord has a way of reminding us of what matters and what is true despite our feelings, our moods and our apprehensions. I had a lot on my plate yesterday. I had meetings, housework, puppy training, errands to run and a report to write. I woke up with the peace of the Lord like I do every day but once I left my prayer room, everything came flooding into my mind and worry tried to get the best of me. I felt overwhelmed and the Lord reminded me that when life is overwhelming, it’s time to overwhelm yourself with His presence. I wasn’t going to let stress dictate how my day was going to go. The day was given to me by the Lord and He should have the upper hand all day long. It’s not about praying first thing in the morning and then whining and struggling the rest of the day. There will be struggles. They are inevitable but the Lord is also inevitable. When we let Him be in the way of what is bothering us, He always makes a way. That is what I did, I let Him invade the space that worry was starting to control. I went back to prayer for a few minutes and the message came. The message was, “You can do it all through Me.” The Bible tells us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. I didn’t have to do everything in my own strength. That is where the stress came in. The picture I had of the day looked like a giant that was too hard to tackle. My day showed up in my head like a Goliath and I was David. I needed to have David’s confidence in the Lord and praying was the stone that was going to defeat Goliath.


I threw the stone of prayer to that giant and it fell apart. I saw my day as an ensemble of events that God could easily handle one by one. The meetings, the work, the report, the errands, all flashed through my mind but the Lord was there for each and every one of those events. I was not alone and I was going to make it. Jesus says that we can do it all through Him. Once we trust that we can do it thanks to Him, we can expect to go through it all with flying colors. The strength of the Lord is way bigger than my strength. I can’t even compare what I can do on my own with what the Lord can do. The beauty of His message is that He gives us ownership. He says that we can do it. We own the victory and the power of achieving everything. He gives it to us. We go through Him to accomplish everything but we are the ones who do it. The most difficult tasks that you and I will ever encounter can be daunting but we can deal with them because we can do it all in Jesus’ name. Let’s keep God in the picture. He will frame the situation, give His input, provide a solution and let us take it away in His name. It is our choice to take this promise to heart and apply it to our lives. Our faith can heal us. Our faith can help us. Our faith can heal all situations. Our faith can get us to our final destination. The daunting meetings will become dazzling opportunities that prove that the Lord is right. His strength and power added to our faith will always yield amazing results.


Once I had the great reminder that I could do it all, I became calmer and I gave God the glory. I sang. I praised Him. I opened the gates of heaven a little wider with my praise and worship and I gave the Lord the floor. I let Him speak to my heart even more and His encouragement was priceless. God knows that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to the one who believes. He knows that there is a David in us who can face all the Goliaths of the world but we need to step out in faith and sling that stone. We will not be defeated with the Lord on our side. We will not be conquered. We will always conquer whatever comes our way. I said to myself that the day was going to be awesome because of my awesome God. I didn’t care how much I had to do. God was going to send me help. Angels were dispatched to assist me and the Spirit of the Lord counseled me all day long. The joy that was in my heart as I was going through the day was phenomenal. I thanked the Lord for His presence. He never leaves us. We just leave Him at the door when He knocks. We ignore the knock or we are too distracted to hear it. I was able to do all things thanks to the Lord and everything went even better than I had imagined. My imagination was poisoning my hope but the Lord took care of the poison and injected me with faith in His promises. Friend, you can do it all. Not because you are Superman but because of the One who lives in you. Greater is the One who lives in you than the devil that is in this world. Greater is the One who lives in you than all the busy events of this world. You can do it all and you are going to do it beautifully in Jesus’ name. Hold on to hope!

Suggested reading: 1 Samuel 17; Matthew 19:26; 1 John 4:4

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