Let God put out your fires

Some situations in our lives can feel like real fires. Everything is burning. Our minds are burning with anxiety and fear. Our hearts are burning with pain and our souls feel like they are burning in hell. Problems pile up and before we know it we have a bonfire of trials and suffering. When you feel the burn, it’s hard to find relief and to find the hose that is going to put out the fire. God can put out any fire. He is the fire that dominates all fires. Like an ardent bush He is burning with power and with love. His fire is the most powerful fire that exists and it can’t be put out by any schemes of the enemy. When your life is on fire, let the Holy Spirit control the negative fires and make you burn with faith and hope. There is a flame that will always remain. The flame of the Spirit of God will never be extinguished. It will always be more fervent than the fires of the enemy. You see, God showed up as fire in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. He was a positive fire. The enemy wants us to hate fires now by giving us tough situations that leave us scorched and burned. We get used to being burned and to being hurt and that is not the way it should be. Fires will happen but we shouldn’t let them consume us and destroy us. Today I am inviting you to call upon the Lord and ask Him to put out the fires in your life. Ask Him to step in and intervene. Give Him the fires. Let Him dominate them and control them. The enemy might have some nasty matches but the Lord has fire extinguishers that will paralyze the enemy’s tactics. Don’t be afraid of the fires of life. The Lord will allow you to walk through them and you won’t be burned. Peace is on the way. Relief is on the way. The fire extinguisher is on the way. The Lord has a burning desire to help you and no fires in the world will stop Him when you choose to walk by faith and not by sight.


When I walk my dog in the morning, I walk by a fire station. I admire all the volunteers from the fire department  that work so hard to help the community and to keep us safe. They are not afraid of fires and they go head on into dangerous situations knowing that they will be able to neutralize the fire and deal with those fiery conditions. From what I see they are confident that they can tackle most fires because of their training and the equipment they use. God has all the training that is needed to deal with fires. He wrote the book. He wrote the manual. He designed the training.  No one knows what to do better than He does. His methods for putting out fires never fails. So what are we waiting for? Let’s call on the One who can make the fires stop. I get into situations where the fire is so strong that I can’t even hear myself think. I am so engrossed in the intensity of the fire and I lose my focus. A fiery condition makes us stumble and fall. We land in a hot mess and we can’t get out of it. Those intense fires can be financial holes that the fires of life have made in our lives. A sickness can be a fire. A strong sense of hopelessness can be a fire. The feeling of constantly walking in a desert can be a fire. A dry season can be a fire. No matter what fires we are facing, the Lord can intervene and refresh the situation. The Lord is the best fireman around. He walks right through the fire and He is not intimidated by the flames. The flames are actually scared of Him and they get out of the way. I am starting to be more aware of the presence of the Lord when I go through a fire. He is not leaving my side and He gives me confidence. I can’t put out the fire but God can.


Next time you find yourself in a fire, remember that God is walking before you in the fire and He is making a way for you. He can part the seas and He can part the fires as well. You are not going to get burned as long as you are holding His hand. The glory of God looks like a consuming fire. It is a fire that consumes the fires that are meant to hurt you. The enemy has no chance of winning against the glory of God. Keep that in mind. The fire you are going through right now will be destroyed by the fire of the Lord and you will come out of the ashes beautiful and new. The opposition has sent this fire to burn you and ruin you but the Lord will turn it to your advantage and it will help you grow and make progress on the course of your faith. Don’t let the fire bring you down. Bring the fire down with the hose of the Word of God. The Word of God will shower your fires with peace and freedom. You are not bound to stay in a fiery place. God is going to put out all the fires in your life. Ask Him. Pray to Him. Trust Him. The fires are about to go. You will come out untouched. Stay encouraged! God is in control!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 23:29; Luke 3:16; Hebrews 12:29

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