The God who can change anything

How do you see God? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you ever have an inner conversation about who God is in your life? Is He the God who judges us? Is He the God who is far out there away from us? Is He a good and loving God who is always with us? Is He the God who can intervene in our lives? I used to see God as an entity that was too far to be reached. To me He didn’t get involved in our lives. He was too busy being God for the whole world so being God to me, little me, seemed too much to ask. God is a personal God. He is an intimate God. He is not too big for any of us. He is not far from any of us. He is interested in us and in the details of our lives. You see, before you accepted Jesus as your Savior, there were many things that needed to be changed in your life. Many parts of your life had to be ironed out with the power of God. There were too many wrinkles that just kept peace and joy from being smooth events in your life. There was too much of a fight to stand and to make it every day. Once you accepted the Lord, changes still needed to be made but at least you had a connection to the One who can change anything. God is about love and His love wants to change our lives completely. When you love someone, you want them to have what’s best all the time. Not just part of the time. My God loves me 24/7 and He blesses me 24/7. I block some of His blessings with the way I think and with lack of faith in some departments but I am actively working on it and the Holy Spirit has been helping me a great deal. Every morning I hear “Today is going to be an amazing day. The Lord is with you and He will assist you.” I repeat that out loud when I pray. It’s an everyday declaration. God assists us. How? When we trust Him, He can change anything. Anything that is going wrong He can change for the best. Today I want to remind you that the Lord can change anything. Your biggest headache can turn into the biggest triumph. With the Lord, you are triumphant. No obstacles can stand in the way of the Lord. No hurdles are too difficult and you are rightly entitled to the triumph and the victory provided by the Lord. God can change anything.


One thing that stood out after I got saved is how God was changing my heart. God can change anything and that change starts with us. I wasn’t all in and I was holding on to a lot from my old life so the changes in me took years to materialize. They are still happening today but at least I have put my guard down and I have allowed the Lord to do a work inside of me. There is a lot to be done and thanks to patience, I am riding along this amazing journey with hope in my heart and more serenity in my mind. God can change anything and He will changé the coldest hearts, the most stubborn attitudes and the most rebellious souls. It takes surrender and obedience. Two acts that can impact our lives in ways that are unimaginable. Sometimes all it takes is a prayer. A prayer asking the Lord to change us, to mold us and to make us more like Jesus. I have learned that being changed on the inside is much more important than having our circumstances changed. When the inside is more like Jesus, the outside is more manageable. When the inside is strong, the outside can’t get in. It’s our circumstances that often remove our peace, disturb our joy and crush our faith. God can change anything and the change should start inside you and me. Pray that the Lord gives you the strength and the courage to face the day.


God can change any circumstances. When you have grown through a transformation process on the inside, your situations are much easier to deal with. God gives you the patience to wait through the storms. You are long suffering and you can go through trials with praise and thanksgiving knowing that the best is yet to come. It will come. Good things will be part of your life soon. God can change today’s nightmares and melt them into dreams that are too good to be true and yet they are real. Your patience, added to your faith and love will result in changes of your circumstances. God will act in your favor. He will remove the mountains that are standing in your path. He will heal your sick circumstances and give your life new health. He will put the shame that has been haunting you to shame. He will destroy the plans that were meant to destroy you. He will perform miracles that will reveal the wine that has been sitting at the bottom of your cup of water. Under the plain is the supernatural. What seems to be commonplace has a silver lining that is far from being common when your trust is in the Lord. Don’t look at the surface that is all dusty. Look into the shiny depth of your blessings. They may not appear to your naked eye but your eyes of faith can see changes and blessings to come. God can change anything and you are about to see something you had never seen before. Stay strong. Stay in faith. Stay encouraged. God can change anything that is troubling you now. The best is yet to come!

Suggested reading: Malachi 3:6; Isaiah 43:19; 2 Peter 3:9

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