Fix your heart on the promises of God

Psalm 37 is a psalm that I have read many times. It sums up a lot of what we as believers need to do and what we can expect. One of the translations of this psalm says “Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure, feasting on His faithfulness.” That translation has been speaking to me for days pouring revelation and encouragement into my heart. When you fix your heart on something, you focus on it and you stay on it. You don’t get distracted by anything else. You are all about what your heart is dwelling on. Fixing our hearts on the promises of God means that His promises are the most important declarations and assurances in our lives. The world might be delivering lies and fears but our hearts are not moved by what the world has to offer. Our hearts are moved by the promises of the Lord. Our hearts are anchored in the promises and no waves can rock our boat of trust and confidence in the Lord. I am doing all I can to ensure that my heart is fixed on the promises of the Lord. We can all be God-centered and leave the world to the side. God has promises that cannot be removed from your destiny. Learn about His promises and make them the focus of your journey. Don’t let the schemes of the enemy erase the clear promises that are strewn on your path. Pick up the promises you see on your journey one by one like precious gems of hope that are worth more than gold. There are some promises along the way that will pop up when it’s God’s timing. His promises are indelible and they will materialize. Expect God to bless you. He promises to always love you and protect you. He said He would never leave you. Hold on to His promises and you will be secure and you will feast on His faithfulness.


What are you fixing your heart on every day? What occupies your mind? How much room do you give to the Lord in your heart? Do you start your day rejoicing over God’s promises or do you start your day wishing God kept His promises? He does keep His promises. He makes many promises in His Word. He promised that He would never leave us, that He protects us, He loves us, He is for us, He won the battles for us and He is almighty. These are just a few promises that we can focus on. I love to underline how much God loves us. It gives me hope and it gives me a boost. He promised to love us no matter what. When we sin, He still loves us. When we fail, He still loves us. When we forget Him, He still loves us. When we walk a million miles away from Him, He still loves us. These promises are not licenses to sin or to walk away from God. They are decrees that establish the powerful love of the Lord. Nothing and no one can separate us from His love. When I fix my heart on the promise that God always loves me, I do feel secure and I know I am safe. It is more than a feeling. It is a strong reassurance that keeps me going. Since He loves me unconditionally, I can feast on His faithfulness.


When we make God’s promises our priority in our hearts, we find ourselves on a higher platform of hope where faith abounds. The more we focus on the promises, the more real they become. Meditating on them is important. The Holy Spirit imparts knowledge and wisdom when we seek the Lord’s face in meditation. Our thoughts and our emotions are pulled from different directions. The enemy tries to control them and he does it with force. The Lord desires to bless us with noble and pure thoughts and peace and He does it softly and gently. His Spirit is the ultimate gentleman. When we allow the enemy to pull our thoughts into his direction, we lose footing in the realm of blessings. When God’s promises are given a backseat, it is hard to see hope and to go past the negative thoughts of the enemy. This is why we should practice daily meditation on the Word of God and on God’s promises. It has to be a daily occurrence so that the enemy doesn’t steal the space that should be filled with the Lord’s peace. God’s promises come with peace and the enemy can’t stand that peace because he knows God can operate in our lives when we are at peace. All the distractions and the worries that emerge inside are meant to disconnect us from God’s promises. When we are “plugged in”, we can enjoy God’s faithfulness. This means that we can see God’s promises come to pass in our lives.

Feasting on something is delighting in it, enjoying it. When we feast on God’s faithfulness, we enjoy the benefits of His promises. We delight in the Lord and He gives us the desires of our hearts that are in agreement with His will. I encourage you today to fix your heart on God’s promises. You will be in a safe place at all times. The enemy will attempt to get you down but the Lord will shield you and assist you. When your heart is focused on the Lord and His Word, you will see the manifestation of God’s love in your love. Miracles will come through the door of your faith and peace will be a resident in your heart. Look for the promises in the Word and meditate on them. Thank the Lord that He is faithful and praise Him for His goodness and His faithfulness. You will also learn how much the Lord delights in you and you will receive an amazing boost of faith and trust in Him. Keep your eyes on the Lord and you will see His greatness!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:3-5; Proverbs 23:17; Colossians 3:2

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