What about the message of love?

When I am asked what the most important message of the Bible is, I undeniably respond the message of love. The Bible is about love. God is love and even though it sounds cliché, it’s a truth that will never change and it will never go away. Things change every day in this world. New technologies emerge all the time but the message of the Bible still remains. If we let modern times take us in the direction of renouncing everything that has existed up to now, we go down a dangerous path. Some things are obsolete and should be updated but we shouldn’t update or upgrade the message of love. We shouldn’t try to turn it into a new version that depletes it of its essence. God’s love is 100% unconditional. It can’t be diluted and it can’t be purged of its unconditional aspect. I am fascinated by God’s love. Loving people unconditionally is very hard. It is quite an achievement. I can’t say that I love everyone unconditionally. I am working on it and every day new challenges put my work to the test but it’s something I want to do.


The Lord calls us to be more like Him. Being more like Him means loving like Him first and foremost. It’s not about the miracles first. It’s not about wisdom first. It’s not even about peace first. It’s always about love first. Without love our faith is faulty. Without love our purpose is not all that significant. Without love we have an identity that is lacking depth. Without love the substance of what we do is weak. I believe the message of love is a message that our hearts need to embrace all the time. Love should permeate all we do. Love should be at the forefront of what we say, what we do and what we think about. I need to fill up the love department in my life with more of Jesus and less of me. Love is about Him and it exists through Him. When Jesus is the cornerstone of our love, our house of worship is built on a solid foundation. We are houses of worship and the music within the house should be love, love, love and more love. My prayer is that we keep adding layers of God’s love to our houses and that we don’t step outside of this powerful dwelling of love that the Lord is building in our lives.


I like seeing us Christians as houses of worship because that is what we are meant to be. We were designed to worship the Lord. We were made to be houses of adoration and worship whose blueprint is founded in the Lord. Our windows, our doors, our walls should all have coatings of the love paint. The love paint is the substance that should cover all of us with God’s imprint. God is love and as we spend time with Him we get more of that paint that makes Him such an amazing God. There are times when we have to get more of that paint to get rid of the dark spots. I don’t want any funky wallpaper in my house of worship. I don’t want anything that looks good on the outside but that is rotten on the inside. I don’t want the illusion of love. I want God’s true love so I keep painting my house by feeding on the Word of God, by praying and by spending time in communion with the Lord. I have the brushes that I need to make it more of a love house. It’s up to me to pick up the brushes and keep painting. I can’t take this lightly. Love is what we all need the most and these days it is even more apparent.


As a house of worship, my music should be focused on Jesus and the love songs should all be about Him. Being a house of worship however is more than singing and music. It’s about having a lifestyle that honors the Lord. It’s giving our lives to the One who created life and making sure that we are on the same tune. The world can use more houses of worship who speak the language of the Lord and who don’t understand the language of judgment, hatred and discrimination. It is sad to see that so many people in the church are fluent in that language. People who stand behind the pulpit have preached mixed messages to masses. Messages of love tainted by judgement. Who are we to judge others? Love is devoid of judgement and condemnation. Let’s be the houses of worship that teach the world how to speak the language of love and how to ditch the dialects of hatred. There are many negative dialects in this world but with the message of love on our lips, we can change the narrative and write better stories. I don’t have all the answers when it comes to love but I know the One who owns them. I am inviting you to join your house of worship with mine and create a village where love is the mayor, peace is the law enforcement and joy is on every street. The message of God’s love will never be extinguished but it needs to be revived at times and you and I can do that in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 143:8; 1 Corinthians 16:14; 1 John 4:16

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