Your secret missions from God

As a kid I loved the idea of missions. When an adult wanted me to do a chore or to run an errand, he or she would send me on a mission. A mission could be going to the bakery to buy some bread or tidying up my room. I loved it even more when they called it a secret mission. The secret part made it more intriguing and more interesting for some reason. It made the mission even more special. God has what I would also call secret missions for us. The first one I was made aware of is fasting. When the Lord talks about fasting He tells us that we should act as if we were not fasting. It shouldn’t be obvious to people that we are fasting. That is what I see as a secret mission. God orders it and we execute it in secret. There is a need to be humble and to do things in private for the Lord. What we do should not be a spectacle. A lot of it is between the Lord and us. No one needs to know. Today I want to dig deeper into God’s secret missions for us. What are some of the practices we have that we could keep private? What are some actions that we should carry out in private?


I see prayer as a secret mission. We can obviously pray with people and pray in church or pray anywhere but prayer can also be a very powerful secret mission. When Jesus prayed, He often isolated Himself. He found a secret place and prayed. No one saw Him praying in those private moments. Those times were intimate times with His Father. He prayed so He could be with His Father one on one. He considered it a sacred time. It was even more sacred because no one else was allowed in that sphere of prayer. Jesus Himself said that we should pray in private away from the crowds. When I pray, I isolate myself and I have learned not to make a big announcement about it. No one needs to know. I occasionally let someone know that I am praying for them and that is to encourage them but the time spent with the Father is my secret and private time. I want to encourage you to have those private moments and accept God’s prayer missions. Praying is a form of communication with God and it is also a time to put in requests. Our first requests should be for others. Prayer is a secret mission that aims at helping others. If you are praying for blessing on people in your life, make it a daily occurrence. Thank the Lord that He has heard you. Have daily secret missions of praise. Praise is another very personal and intimate practice. It is between you and God. There is corporate praise and worship in a congregation but daily personal praise and worship are very important. Take on the secret praise mission and make it a daily goal.


Another secret mission is secret acts of kindness. God’s kindness is in our hearts and we can give it life if we express it. The key is to actually express it and not keep it in our thoughts. It needs to come alive. Now, showing God’s kindness toward others is a beautiful expression of what we receive from God. We should share the gift of kindness with people around us. It doesn’t have to be overt or to be in the open. We can do good things for others without them knowing. God should get the credit for the kindness we display so it is not necessary for us to say that we are the ones who did the nice things. I challenge you to spread random acts of kindness and to make them your secret mission. No one needs to know you did it. Let God get the glory. Show love. Show kindness and do it all in secret. It is a great exercise that helps develop selflessness and humility. There are many secret missions that we can carry out. What is birthed in the privacy of our intimate conversations with God is more precious than gold. What we learn during private times with God is pure manna from Heaven. The prayers we say for others when no one is watching are great utterances that will not go unheard. The songs we sing to Jesus when no one is listening are expressions of a personal and powerful relationship with the Lord.  No one has to know and no one has to see except for the Lord. I pray that we continue to accept God’s secret missions. Don’t tell anyone but the Lord. Keep it between you and Him!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:6; Matthew 6:18; Ephesians 6:18

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