Give it to God and don’t worry about it

I have been in the process of selling my place and buying a house. If you have been through that process you know that it doesn’t happen without a number of setbacks and ups and downs. There have been times when I have tried to figure out how to get to the next step and how to make all this work. My mind tries to tell me how to proceed. My mind definitely has a mind of its own and I have done my best to steer it away from thinking like the world. First I know it is important that I remain grateful not only for what I do have but also for the process. It is an honor to be able to go through this with the Lord. “With the Lord” is the key phrase here. I am not selling and buying on my own. I am not the master of the process. The Lord is. That is if I let Him be in charge instead of giving my mind and my free will free reign. You see, when your mind gets loaded up with worry because it is trying to control everything, you are destined to get discouraged. It’s not your power. It’s the Lord’s. As long as you keep Him at the center and you know it’s all about Him, you are good to go. Giving a heavily loaded mind free reign of our house is dangerous. It’s like letting a dog that is not trained, free access to every room that he or she could possibly destroy. It’s hard to remain calm and composed when your thoughts are running wild all over the place. I can’t function properly spiritually if I am not at peace and I am not calm. Why? Because I can’t keep my eyes on the Lord when my mind is on a million other things that get in the way. I can’t hear from Him. I can’t trust Him and I can’t get Him involved.


During this house transition process I have heard a few times,” Give it to Me and don’t worry about it.” The Lord with His humble voice has told me to let go of the worries and to trust Him. He will figure it all out for me. He has already figured it out. Now it’s for me to let Him be in control. It’s for me to turn my worries into worship and my fears into faith. I do believe Him and trust Him with all my heart but my head keeps trying to sabotage the trust. I am taking back my faith and confidence in the Lord by yielding to His Spirit. This is how I have been handling things. I exalt the Lord. I magnify Him. I amplify who He is in my heart and in my mind. He is bigger than anything that comes my way and I need to acknowledge that if I want my trust to be strong. It’s not easy to trust someone that appears to be small, weak and not powerful. I remind myself that my life is in the hands of the Creator of the universe. He is mighty and strong. He is invincible and above all He is caring and He loves me. The idea of giving it to God is giving in to the One who can’t fail, who can’t fall and who can’t let me down. How amazing is that?!


Giving it to God is such a basic principle of our Christian faith but it is often a last resort. We feel empowered by God. We know that He strengthens us so we believe we can do it all without consulting Him. He does empower us and He does give us the tools we need in life but we cannot forget that He is the tool maker and that the power in us is from Him. He is the power behind the changes, the blessings, the breakthroughs and the miracles. I have heard people say that we are mini gods because of the Lord living in us. He doesn’t make us gods. He makes us heirs of His kingdom but He is the head and He is the One who makes everything happen. When I give it to God, I see myself for who I am and I see Him for who He is meaning that I am nothing without Him and He is my answer, my solution, my help and my refuge. I give Him control and He gives me freedom. My faith gets me there but Jesus is the perfecter of my faith. Faith without Jesus equates to nothing. The Lord will day there is nothing to worry about when you look to Him. That is the key. Your mind will say that there is a lot to worry about when you look at the circumstances. Things will be worrisome but God is always awesome!  Friend, your worries are a burden you shouldn’t carry. Give them all to Jesus. He handled them on the cross. He knows what to do. Stay in faith and stay encouraged. God is going to take care of you in a beautiful way. Don’t worry about how. Just be thankful for the Who, be thankful for Jesus!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4-5; Matthew 8:25-27; Hebrews 12:1-3

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