Your Help and Deliverer

I was reading the book of Psalms the other day and I enjoyed the recurring theme of the Lord being our help and our deliverer. When we need help, our best bet is to call upon the Lord. It is a great habit to have and it is wonderful when we see Him as our source of help. What does it mean that He is our help? He is the One we can rely on to get assistance. He makes it easier for us to do anything by offering us His services and His resources. God is offering His help all the time. We can accept it. We can ignore it or we can delay it. The point is that God is the ultimate helper and in Him we can always get to the resources we need to make things work or to make things happen. Do you need help today? Is there an area in your life where you need assistance? There is some good news for you.


The Lord can help you. He is offering you His services and His resources. Present your needs to Him and let Him take care of your situation. He knows the how, the what, the when and the where. He comprehends how it will all work out. It is for you to learn to trust that His resources will give you what we need. You don’t know who He is going to send or how He is going to help but be assured that He is going to do something. God’s got you in the palm of His hand and He is always willing to lend you a helping hand! He is also a deliverer. To deliver someone is to set them free. It’s to remove the bondage and the yoke that were keeping them captive. Jesus said He had come to set the captives free. Whatever you are going through now is keeping you captive but Jesus came to deliver you. Today I want to encourage you to embrace the Helper and Deliverer. He will assist you and He will set you free!


I love the concepts of helpline numbers. There are many phone numbers you can dial if you are in need of assistance for different reasons. When you are going through a crisis or when you need to talk to someone, there is a hotline that can be helpful. We have a helpline that connects us to the Lord. Our prayers are a helpline, our cries from the heart are a helpline, our tears are also helpline. The Lord picks up the phone and counsels us through His Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives the best advice and He listens to us. When you are in need of help, dial the Holy Spirit hotline. Don’t make it complicated. Just talk to the Lord. Open up your heart and spill what’s on your mind. God knows it all but He loves when we confide in Him and we trust Him. He will help you. There is no doubt. He won’t hang up on you and He won’t disconnect the line. All He wants is for you to dial from the heart. The rest is taken care of. His line won’t be busy!


Jesus set people free from their bondage. He cast out demons and He healed the sick. He can deliver anyone and He can fix any situation. My prayer is that the church will trust that the same Jesus is alive today and that He is not a watered down version of who He truly is. We don’t see the level of deliverance that is described in the Bible because we don’t hear about it and we don’t know about it enough. It takes boldness and radical and blind faith to follow in the footsteps of the Deliverer and perform miracles in His name. One thing that seems to be more attainable is to believe that God can set us free from our circumstances. He is on our side and He can deliver us from the most complex situations. Our faith can heal all situations and the Master Healer is still active and well today. Pray for deliverance. It is biblical and it is acceptable. Your current nightmare will be removed from the bank of your dreams as the Deliverer intervenes and sets you free. The Lord can do it. Believe that. Nothing you are going through is too hard for Him to destroy. The Lord Jesus is your help and your deliverer. Stay in prayer. Help is on the way! Keep dialing!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:40; Psalm 121:2; John 14:26

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