Are you having a bad day?

I told a friend the other day that today was a bad day to have a bad day. A bad day can easily be crafted by the enemy and with the support of our overthinking or our defeated thoughts we can slip into a very bad day. We will all have good days and bad days but when the day is bad we can reverse the course of the day by focusing on the Lord and what He is doing that day. When things are bad, God doesn’t stop working on our behalf and He doesn’t stop being God. My challenge these days is to reverse the day by putting all my effort and thoughts into what the Lord is doing and who He is. He is loving and I am incredibly touched by His love. That is what gets me through the day. On a bad day I start by feeling abandoned by the love and grace of God but I have a switch in me that I flip and that allows me to see the day through His eyes. Every day has a dose of God in it. God is present 24/7. When you have the” God is always present” mindset, your day looks very different. I have had a chance to put that mindset to work in my life a lot and it is a wonderful way of approaching life. Today I want to encourage you to reverse the bad days and see God in your day. Are you having a bad day? Hand it over to God!


One thing I have learned is that when my day is bad I need to stop focusing on myself. When things are not going well I ought to help someone else have a good day. I need to spread the love like they say and give a good helping of God’s love to someone in my life or to a stranger. When things are not going well it doesn’t mean that the Lord is not alive in me through His Spirit so I emphasize the Spirit by letting Him express His love. It is a great way to take off the edge of a bad day that can push you over the brim of negativity. There is even more of a need for love to flow on a bad day. The love from within can change the negative atmosphere around you. You can combat negativity with positivity birthed in love. The love of the Lord will always prevail and it can attack the negativity that is coming at you on a bad day. A bad day is what the enemy uses to squeeze faith and peace out of our lives. He does it by getting ahold of our minds and by making us believe that a bad day is the end of God’s grace or by making us feel bad or guilty about something. Guilt is a weapon he uses. We can easily feel guilty on a bad day thinking that we did something to bring it upon ourselves. Jesus said we would have bad days and He also said He had conquered them by conquering the world.


When you are having a bad day, claim Jesus’ victory over the negative events that are taking place. Inject hope and Jesus’ victory into the bad day. He won. He has done what it takes to make this day improve and to get you out of the ditch of misery. Bad days can’t stand a chance before God. Speak against the negative feelings and the emotions that the bad day is pushing into your system. God is not intimidated by the bad days. He has an unlimited supply of goodness that can reverse this bad day. Ask Him for help. Ask Him for joy. Ask Him for peace. When you are having a bad, what is important is to renew your thinking and to be God-centered again. Tap into the power of the Holy Spirit. Without His power it is hard to get out of the cycle of bad feelings. I need the Holy Spirit every minute of every day. The bad day you are experiencing can’t compare to the better days that are ahead of you. Pray through the bad days. Praise through the bad days. The enemy gets very confused when we celebrate the Lord instead of cursing the day. Are you having a bad day? God is your remedy for the bad day. Stay focused on Him. Your bad day is about to change!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:13; 2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 3:22

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