God is with you in the storm

Yesterday was a very busy day. I drove to four different towns to run errands to go to some appointments I had. It was a long day. I had breakfast but then I didn’t eat again until 6 pm. I got tired and I was frustrated because of some work I had to get done for Monday and I knew none of it would get done yesterday. I like driving so that part was not a problem until I had to drive to my last destination and I felt the weight of the day. I wondered why I had to be in the car so much in such bad weather. We had torrential rain and some flooding. Then I saw one of the most beautiful rainbows on my way to my last meeting. It was a vibrant and solid rainbow that no one could miss. I heard deep down inside that the Lord wanted time with me and all this driving allowed me to listen to Him. The rainbow got my attention and made me refocus on the Lord. He is that rainbow that has beautiful bright colors and who can be present despite the bad weather. After the storm comes the rainbow. The nice thing about that rainbow is that it stood there in all its beauty when the rain was still falling on the side. Yes, the Lord is there in the middle of the storm. It is a matter of shifting our focus. We need to take our eyes off the storm and keep them on the Lord. I want to remind you today that Jesus your Savior is with you in the middle of the storm. You may have heard that before but it’s a reminder that can brighten your day.


The rainstorm yesterday was so bad I could hardly see anything when I was driving. The storms of life can be so bad that we can hardly see straight. All we see is chaos, failure and destruction. Some storms are there to destroy us but the Lord is there to save us. He is not just holding an umbrella over us; He is the umbrella. He is our refuge and our shelter. I don’t want the storms of life to push me around and to make me feel like I am in an endless cycle of bad weather and bad luck. I got tired of the storms when I got to know the Lord better. I used to be the perfect victim until I found out that Jesus has the victory. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t have to go through the storms with my head down and my heart broken. Storms come every now and then and I thank God that they don’t last but I also thank the Lord that He outlasts all storms. He keeps on going and going. His love keeps on giving and giving. His arms keep on protecting and protecting. The Lord never gets tired of blessing us and helping us. If you are in a storm today, don’t get scared. Don’t get frightened. The thunder might be roaring like a beast ready to devour you but the Lord is like a roaring lion who is ready to rescue you.


This is what I suggest you do during those storms. If you can’t find your refuge, sing your way back to Him. God is right there with you but there is a storm getting in the way and that is probably why you can’t find Him. When I was driving yesterday, it got very dark even though it was late afternoon. The rain came down so hard that I thought I was going to get into an accident. I sang. I turned up my praise music and I sang to the Lord. I sang my way back to Him until I was calm and collected. Then I saw that rainbow again. I didn’t see it physically but I could see it inside of me. The Lord, my God was shining bright and smiling like a rainbow coming out of the clouds. He was above the clouds. He was untouched by the bad weather. He was in my heart where He always is and the praise opened my eyes to that reality that never changes.


The Lord is with you in the middle of the storm. He sees your tears and He feels your pain. Get into His circle of peace and joy and let Him restore your serenity and your joy. When the storm comes, Jesus is never far. The One who can quiet all storms is still strongly present and you can have peace in the middle of that storm when you hang on to Him. Praise, sing, pray. Find your way back to Him in the stormy weather. The rain will end and the rainbow will show up as beautiful as ever. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:2; Matthew 8:24-27; John 14:27

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