Leaving the worry zone

This message is as much for me as it is for anyone reading it. The messages always are but this one really struck a chord with me. Worry is a big topic these days. It’s always a big topic but I feel like there has been an increase of worry in the world for many reasons. The pandemic that was thought to be decreasing is rising in this country. There is just a wave of uncertainty that keeps washing away the shores of hope. However, God is standing strong and He can help us ride the waves and stay safe on solid ground. Those seas that He once parted in our lives, will be split again. There is a dry land waiting for us and we are going to walk on it in the name of Jesus. As a matter of fact, some of us are already walking on it through faith. We have managed to keep the tide low and to walk peacefully on the land of peace and joy. Having peace and joy when the world is crumbling is truly an act from God.


I have had my fair share of worries and I keep visiting the place where worry is dominant. At times I have to work hard at leaving the worry zone. It’s like a war zone in our minds and we can keep fighting the fight of faith or we can succumb and give in to fear and worry. My goal is to leave the worry zone and stop returning to it for long periods of time. I think it’s inevitable for us to worry from time to time but I also know that the Holy Spirit can get us to a place where worry is not welcome and where peace prevails even when things are not going well at all. We all have a worry zone that changes size depending on what is going on in our lives and mostly depending on how we react to what is going on. The key is to hold on to the passport, as I like to call it, that gets us through the worry zone and that takes us out of that zone. The Word of God is an excellent passport because it helps you go through the worry zone and you come out of it intact thanks to the wisdom and the power of the Word. The Word will guide you through the worst situations. It will reduce stress and get rid of worry if you give it a chance. God will stamp your passport with seals of peace and faith. What He says is permanent. Those stamps are sealed by the blood of the Lamb and nothing can change them. Trust that He means to give you peace and He will.


The worry zone is where I used to live. I couldn’t escape it. It was my dwelling place. Once Jesus was part of my life and He became my Savior, worry started to lose control. Worry got kicked out a few times. I got used to leaving the worry zone and it felt amazing. I didn’t know I could spend time in a worry-free zone. I wasn’t familiar with peace. Worry was my abode but the Lord had something way better. How did I first leave the worry zone? When the light of the Word lit up my world, the worry zone looked dark and I decided to step away from it. Sometimes we need to see the light of the Lord, His love and His power and then we realize that what we are accustomed to is provided by darkness. Worry is not from God. There is no worry in Heaven, there is no worry in the presence of the Lord. The more I got into HIs presence and the less I stayed in the worry zone. I brought down the worry zone with songs of praise and worship.I read the Bible out loud so my mind could hear words of encouragement and words of peace. My mind, where worry loves to sit and get comfortable, became a place of serenity. I had to learn that worry shouldn’t be my default setting and then I seized the tools that moved me out of that negative zone.


Chip away at the worry zone. Demolish it with praise. Tear it down with prayers. Don’t stay there. Don’t get used to it. It’s not where the Lord wants you to be. There is so much more and God has that “ so much more” for you. Peace can set up a tent in the middle of the worst worry zone and eradicate the reign of worry. Invite Jesus into the worry zone. Give Him the best seat in the house and He will transform that zone into a haven of tranquility. His peace does surpass all understanding. I dive into it often. I get taken by it often. I get to let it overwhelm me often. The worry zone is a bad place to be. Recognize it and ask for help. The Lord will give you all the help you need to get out of that place. Hold on to Him!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:31; John 14:1; 1 Peter 3:14


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