The lights of hope will be with you all week

No matter what happens this week, you can feel secure because there is hope. No matter how dark things get there will be a light in the tunnel. With God there isn’t just a light at the end of the tunnel, there are lights inside the tunnel. Look for those lights around you when things are falling apart. God’s light is keeping bulbs of hope on in the tunnel. With faith you can turn on the switch but sometimes faith is hard to get to. Know that the Lord is faithful and His mercy and grace are on your side. God will pull you out of the darkest situations. Maintain your relationship with Him. Do your best. Give your best. He sees you. He sees what you are doing. He sees your heart. Keep your heart as an open door that is ready to welcome Him anytime of the day. When you are traveling through the tunnel of trouble, the lights of hope will be around you. Pray that you see them and that you recognize them. There is nothing, absolutely nothing too dark that the Lord’s light won’t be able to defeat this week. I love the bulbs of hope in the tunnel. I focus on them and they allow me to see how big the light is and how small the darkness can get. It is key. When we go through difficult times, it is important we get to where we can see the Lord as bigger and stronger than the difficulties. This week is going to be amazing when you keep your eyes on the light of the Lord and you react to whatever happens with the hope of the Lord. There is always hope. With the Lord it’s a constant promise. Dive into the new week with God’s promise on your mind, with His hope in your heart and with His mercy and grace all over you.


I can’t believe how merciful the Lord is. His grace is beyond amazing. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Lord. During times when my faith was very weak, His love was still very strong. That is what makes me feel so not worthy but He is the King of love and grace and He cares about each and every one of us. I know that developing faith is crucial but I also know that God’s love can pull us closer to Him and help our faith grow. He is always ready to help and to assist. When we say His name, He shows that He heard us before we even called Him. I can think of many tunnels I have gone through that kept me in the dark but there was always something that gave me hope. I have seen the bulbs of hope when my mind was telling me that nothing could save me. When my mind was trying to make me feel sad and guilty, God’s love was igniting hope all around me. Things can get pretty dark and we can’t deny it. We also can’t deny that God has the light that can bring us back to life so to speak. Don’t get discouraged by the dark tunnels of life. The Lord is with you in the tunnels and He has a way out for you. Keep going. His love and mercy will see you through!


The bulbs of hope can show up in different forms. The Lord can use anything and anyone to give you a jolt of hope. His hope is like a lightning bolt that destroys fear and discouragement. One word sometimes is enough to put us back on the right track of hope. The word “steadfast” has helped me. The Lord used it to remind me that if I stay strong and I don’t give up I will get through the hard times. He also used that word to tell me that He is steadfast Himself. He is resolutely firm and unwavering. His love is steadfast. His promises are steadfast. His power is steadfast. His faithfulness is steadfast. That bulb of hope has paved the darkest tunnels with lights of peace and joy. Isn’t it great that God’s love is steadfast even when we are going through a hard time? That means that we will be more than fine. We might be hurting for some time but God’s steadfast love is going to make everything alright. The light of hope is with you. It is going to be with you all week. Stay encouraged! God is going to bless you and protect you all week long. Praise Him!

Suggested reading: Job 11:17-18;  Psalm 23:4; Matthew 28:20

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