An encounter with God

I have had a few revealing moments when God made Himself known to me in a big way. I call those moments “encounters” because they have built up my faith and they have shown me God’s mercy and love. There was interference and there was a significant impact on my life following those powerful moments. Each one of them has left me wanting to know Jesus more and longing to be more like Him. The first one that truly changed me and influenced me in a very positive way was 17 years ago. I recall deciding to stop living the way I had been living. I felt like I was too much of a carnal Christian and I needed to change my ways. I made a promise to the Lord that I would seek His face and stop the nonsense that was taking my life in the wrong direction. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Sunday night in March. I said a prayer asking for forgiveness and giving up whatever was separating me from God. I was not happy and I was not living the life God had for me. I woke up early the next day and prayed. I read my Bible and I went on with my day. Something started to change in me. I was determined to pursue God and my heart was excited. I put aside the temptations that were keeping me away from God and He became my focus.


As I focused on God, a shift took place on the inside. My spirit began to let the Holy Spirit clean the house so to speak. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and when we surrender to the Lord, His Spirit can take over. That is what happened. Day after day I became more Holy Spirit-conscious. When we are aware of the Holy Spirit we are also aware of Jesus because He always points at Jesus. I added praise sessions to my prayers. Prayer was like church. It lasted about an hour and it was a real celebration. I didn’t have a home church at the time so instead I had church at home! My church meetings were amazing. It was just me and the Lord. I sang. I danced. I lifted up Jesus and I loved Him more and more. I prayed that way every morning and every night. I woke up at 5 am to be able to spend as much time as possible with the Lord. I had my Bible with me and I would spend time reading it as well. Before long I sensed the flow of the Holy Spirit. Everything seemed to be in sync with the Lord. It just all made sense and it was all about Jesus. Prayer time was the best time of the day. One day I noticed that I felt like a coat on me. It was like a blanket that was covering me. It was all over me and it was inside of me. With the blanket came a peace I had never felt before in my life. I had had glimpses of it but this time it was permanent. Every morning I would check that it was still there. I had an encounter with the Lord and His presence remained.


Jesus became my life. I had never had such a beautiful experience in my life before. This encounter was very impactful because it drew me closer to the Lord, it gave me a new lease on life, it gave me a hunger for the Word, it poured a love in my heart for people and it made Jesus more real. After a while, getting into worship meant sensing the presence of the Lord within seconds. I would start singing and the presence would show up. My life was transformed. I wanted to know Jesus more. I got to know Him better. I got to treat Him as the King that He is. I reverenced Him and I adored Him. He was this awesome God who was humble enough to come to my level and teach me about His ways. His ways are way higher than our ways and I had a lot to learn. I think we can never learn it all and we will always be students in His school but we can take baby steps and walk with Him. One thing that also stood out is that I believed nothing was impossible to Jesus. I saw the power of the resurrection in action. Signs and wonders were not impossible. I received messages that touched people. I had peace every day and joy was my companion. Trials would knock on my door and present themselves as dreadful events but Jesus was with me inside the house and He knew how to handle those intruders. That powerful encounter had effects that lasted for months. Then I took a ride down the wilderness for some time until the next encounter whose impact is still here today. Friend, pray for more of Jesus. Pray that you get close to Him. Be friends with the Holy Spirit. There is so much more to this life. Jesus came to give us an abundant life where peace and joy rule and love is King. Encounters with God still take place today and God is about to meet you where you are and bring you up to His level. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 8:35-36; John 14:6; 1 Timothy 2:5

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