Be still and know that He is still God

“Be still and know that I am God.” This verse about silence speaks volumes to my heart. Psalm 46:10 is not just about silence. Today I am going to explore what this verse means to us Christians and how it should be implemented in our lives. I was praying about how to get more grounded in the Lord a while ago. I looked at passages after passages in the Word. I asked folks for advice and the Spirit led me to Psalm 46:10. My first reaction was to argue with God. Do you ever find yourself arguing with God? Making a case for something even though you know you are wrong and He is right? I tried to plead a case and say that the verse wasn’t doing it for me. I said that I needed something more earth shuttering, something more powerful. Well there is a powerful revelation in that verse and once I was given more direction on how to use it in my life, I discovered a great way to be grounded in the Lord and to face the world.


We tend to react to life with lots of emotions and lots of trepidation. At least that is how I used to react. I used to get so upset over certain things and get all worked up. I am a quiet person but inside of me was a train that was going 300 miles an hour and I couldn’t stop it. That train was taking me straight to the worst destination ever. The place where your faith is so weak that you give up and you feel defeated. The passengers on that train were negative thoughts. Very rarely good and positive thoughts would jump on that train. It was a train of thought that would always derail me and make me fall. Sometimes all you need is that one negative thought and it all goes downhill from there. A great practice would be to identify that one destructive thought before it allows other bad thoughts to board your train free of charge. I found that hard to do but the few times that I did, I  hammered scriptures on top of that thought until it was nailed to a wall of hope where faith took care of the negativity. When the Lord says, “Be still and know that I am God,” He is inviting us to take the back seat on that train and to relax knowing that He is the conductor of the train. In other words, He is telling us to give Him control of the train and rely on Him.


“To be still” is to not move and to not make a sound. When crazy thoughts are running through our minds and walking up and down the train of our thoughts, there is a lot of movement. Those thoughts are loud. Negative chatter is obnoxious and loud. God tells us to be still which means there is a way for us to quiet those thoughts and keep them from running wild in our minds. I found that if I isolate myself and I sit in a quiet place, I am able to put the brakes on the crazy train and slow down the negative thoughts. I didn’t get there overnight but what helped a lot was choosing what I was going to think about.  I would sit there and review a verse in my mind. I would analyze it and see what it meant in my life. I would focus on Jesus and what He did for me and how it is still true for me today. Choosing positive thoughts to push out negative thoughts does work but it takes time and practice. I also use prayer as a tool to put a wrench in the plans of the enemy. The enemy’s plan is for us to be tormented by his evil thoughts. God’s plan is for us to be at peace.


This is what I suggest, friend. Every time the wild thoughts come to mind, insert the thought that God is still God and He’s got you covered. You don’t have to go into meditation. You don’t have to isolate yourself necessarily. Wherever you are, you can be still. Stop the thinking by controlling your thinking. Speaking out loud when possible is best. Your mind needs to hear the positivity. It will have more of an impact. Your voice is reassuring to your mind. Your mind loves to hear positivity and when you speak about Jesus, your spirit gets on board quickly. Stop the train by removing those negative passengers with the Word of God. The Word of God has power and authority and it will force those intruders to get off the train. Let the Lord drive you and take you to peace land. That is where He wants you to stay and He will show you the way when you give Him control. Be still, friend and know that He is still God. May His peace be with you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Psalm 100:3; Proverbs 3:5-6

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