Don’t give up and keep walking

Have you ever felt paralyzed because of your circumstances? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t move an emotional or spiritual muscle because of the terrible things that were going on in your life? You might be experiencing emotional, physical or spiritual paralysis right now. I have been there many times. I have felt a weight that was so heavy that I couldn’t even think. It seemed like my world had stopped and I couldn’t do anything to make it spin again. Thoughts of loss, failure and defeat were spinning in my head faster than I could handle it. The last time it happened, I spent some time in prayer so I could get some answers and some relief. I know that having peace in the middle of a war is the most important step to victory because with peace of mind, we can stay focused on God and we can see Him. When confusion, stress and anxiety are dominating our thoughts and emotions, it is almost impossible to see God. I prayed for peace. I sang praises to get back into peace mode and it happened. Once the peace was there, I was open to hearing from God and the first thing I heard was that it was all going to be alright. The Holy Spirit said that I should keep moving. He told me to keep walking and to take some steps of faith. The enemy was making me stay put and he wanted me to believe that I couldn’t go anywhere. That is always a lie. With the Lord on our side we can always walk. He directs our steps. If you are feeling like you can’t move today and you don’t know how to proceed, take a step of faith. Pray for peace to invade you in the name of Jesus. Get to a place where the storm is raging but your heart is racing for God. Your circumstances today are not going to last. You are not meant to sit on the bench on the sidelines and see life pass you by. You are meant to walk with the Lord and run with faith. Keep walking. Keep moving. The Lord will show you the steps and He will guide you to victory.


Walking in peace is so much more crucial than I used to think it was. I used to want to get to the answer and to freedom. Freedom does come from having peace and I learned that eventually. When you have peace, you can overcome all challenges. God’s peace challenges all negativity and all attacks from the enemy. It says “I am not going to be troubled because the Lord is with me. I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.” Peace speaks and it speaks of the greatness of God and of His mercy and grace. It doesn’t make sense to our human minds. It surpasses all understanding because it is rooted in the Lord and the Lord is above and beyond anything and everything. God knows no fear. God is always at peace. Nothing can trouble Him or disturb Him and when He imparts His incredible peace, we start acting like Him. We start sharing His mind and we start walking again. Peace gives us a push forward because it can’t be stopped. God’s peace is constant and it doesn’t change. It can’t be bothered by any event and by anyone. I like to call peace my “marching order.” A marching order is an authoritative order that tells us to march, to move forward. Peace gives me that order. It tells me that I can keep marching because with God there is nothing to be afraid of and nothing is impossible to Him. Choose peace as your marching order and you will see that you can keep walking even when your circumstances are debilitating.


When I was praying to find a way to start moving again, I could picture the Lord giving me His hand and pulling me up. I have seen that a few times. It comforted my spirit and it overwhelmed my heart. God is doing the same thing right now. As you stand before Him, seeking Him face, He is giving you His hand and pulling you up. The Lord is walking with us. He is right there and He never leaves. If we want to keep moving and keep walking, we ought to go back to the truth that God has not left us. It is important that we spend time finding Him again. He is near but we become farsighted when problems hit. We jump to conclusions and see how our future is going to be impacted by our current situation when the Lord desires for us to stay in the present and see Him in the present. Your problems are like troubled waters and the Lord is showing you how to walk on water. Keep your eyes on Him. Don’t focus on the waves. Focus on the One who makes you calm and who can calm any storm. Follow His lead. Keep walking. He says to walk in love and walk in faith. When your life tries to stall you, take a step forward by walking in love. Show love. Express God’s love. That is the best way to walk in all circumstances. Put one foot of love in front of the other one and leave footprints of peace and serenity in someone’s life. Walk and don’t get weary. Don’t walk for the accolades. Walk to spread God and to make a path for others to follow. Show the world that it is safe to proceed because Jesus made a way. Walk in faith. It might be intimidating to step forward but do it knowing that God is faithful and He won’t let you fall. Keep walking, friend. Don’t get discouraged. What’s in front of you is better than what you are leaving behind. God will make a way! Don’t give up. Keep walking!

Suggested reading: Micah 6:8; 2 Corinthians 5:7; Colossians 2:6

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