Following God or following men?

I have thought many times about how amazing it must be to be sharing the Lord’s mind all the time. Imagine thinking like God and acting like God would act all the time. What would that be like? I think that we too often try to share the mind of other people instead of pursuing God’s mind. We try to be more like certain preachers or Christian celebrities when Jesus is truly the star. We say to ourselves, “If only I could be more like so and so and have his/her faith I would have it made.” We strive to use imperfect people as models and when they fall, we get confused or we criticize them. To err is human like they say and Jesus is the best model. We have some tremendous role models in the Church. There is no doubt about it but they can’t be the mold. They can’t be what we aspire to be like. This could be why there is so much strife in the Church and the world looks at us like we have lost our minds from time to time. We model ourselves after doctrines and ideologies and by extension after feelings and emotions. We all come with a set of emotions that override our beliefs and our faith. I have been encouraged to follow Jesus and to put Him on the pedestal He deserves. This means that I have to unlearn some of the things I was taught if they contradict the Word. I don’t want to complicate the Word. I don’t want to politicize it. I want to just be in it and apply it. The enemy will try to keep us from applying the Word of God. He would rather we applied the word of man than the Word of God. Let’s be doers of the Word and followers of Jesus. Let’s be students of the Word and students of Jesus. Let’s be Holy Spirit-minded and not world-minded. Jesus is love and that is untainted love. He did not say “Love some of your neighbors as yourself.” He was talking about all neighbors. Being a strong doer of the Word is being a strong believer in God’s love and walking in His love. It’s the necessary step to following God.


Every time I read the Gospel describing Jesus talking to the crowds, I have a vivid picture of what that was like. A few of my friends do as well. Jesus preaching and reassuring people is a beautiful picture. What must have stood out a lot is His love and sometimes I fail to see it. His love is permanent and I think that because of the way some people have portrayed the Lord, I have not been able to see the whole picture. The picture is in a frame made of God’s love. Everything the Lord says and does is based in love. Love is the essence of the Word of God. His Word is a love letter to all of us and Jesus is the main theme. He gives meaning to the Word. He is the Word. Love is the Word. To think that the Word was and is still used to justify men’s agenda is sad. Slavery and discrimination have found ground in the Word because of man’s manipulation of the Word. This gives God two faces; the face of love and the face of evil. God doesn’t have a personality disorder. He is love at all times. The creator of love doesn’t adhere to the evil thinking of the enemy. I have friends who think God is cruel and He is heartless. They also think He is a materialistic God who loves money and who promotes certain people and lets other people fend for themselves. That is not the God I know. The God I know is a one-on-one God who loves being in a relationship with me. I owe Him everything and He is good all around. There is no shadow of malice or cruelty in Him. He doesn’t know how it is to be mean to people. What He knows is how to set people free.


The Jesus I cherish is a God of freedom, a deliverer and a lover of all people. When someone preaches about God and also talks about keeping away from people who are different from us, I stay away from that type of preaching. I don’t see any form of discrimination in the mind of God. I don’t know His whole mind. I have a limited snapshot of what is inside His mind but I know there is no room for hate. I feel bad when I see that people get the wrong idea about God especially when they get that idea from us, His body. I want to focus on the head of the Body Of Christ more. We are all needed in His body but we can’t lose sight of the head. We can’t function without the head and His head is filled with love, compassion, peace, acceptance, joy and faith. Next time you want to share God’s mind, let His love come through. Be a representative of His love.  Challenge your thinking. Ask yourself if it is following God or following men. Prioritize God’s Word. It will influence your thinking in a powerful way. Make it a point to stick to the Word of God and to test the spirits so you know you are following God and not men. Follow God and you will be all about love. Follow God and you will be a person of peace, acceptance, joy, peace, faith and love!


Suggested reading:  Romans 12:2; 1 Corinthians 2:16; Philippians 2:5

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