Never stop praying

When one door closes, another one opens. That’s the approach to life that the Lord has given me. I have learned to accept the closed doors and to expect new doors to open. A closed door can seem to be a slap in the face but some doors are closed because what’s beyond them is not safe. We can’t see it at the time but God is protecting us. I have prayed and prayed for certain doors to open and they have remained closed. I understand that I can’t force the issue and God is not allowing things into my life that are not His best for me. Does it mean He has not answered my prayers? He has and what appears to be a strict no is a blessed yes. A blessed yes is when God says,”Yes, child I heard you and I am blessing you.” His blessings are not always what we want but they are what we need and what is best for us. Therefore, I know that I can’t stop praying. I know that my prayers are heard and the answers are coming. Today I want to encourage you to keep on praying even when no door is opening and when some doors are closing in front of you. Don’t give up. Keep talking to God and keep listening. Don’t let the closed doors deafen your spiritual ears. Don’t let the closed doors prevent you from praising. Keep on praying. God will open the right doors and take you beyond the threshold of your expectations.


“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” (Colossians 4:2) This verse is part of the instructions Paul gave to the Church. He is telling us to keep praying and to be strong in prayer. This means that no matter what happens, prayer should be part of our daily lives. It’s easy to get discouraged when things go wrong. When things go wrong, prayer is one of the habits that goes out the window. If prayer leaves our spiritual house, we cannot expect doors to open. Prayer is the key to new doors. Prayer gives hope. It enlightens and it strengthens. It gives you the key to your problems and the key to peace and joy. If I didn’t spend time listening to God every day, I would be out of His dwelling place all the time. I wouldn’t know how to enter intoHis presence and how to welcome His Spirit. Prayer teaches me a lot and it encourages me to stay grounded in the Lord. It gives me an appreciation for God. Paul tells us to pray with thanksgiving and that is one part of my prayers that makes them very powerful. Thanksgiving is powerful. It is an expression of faith and it is an act of adoration. No matter how trying life is, keep on thanking the Lord when you pray. Keep at it and lift up His name. He will do the impossible for you. He will open doors that you didn’t even know existed.


Prayer itself is an open door. It is a door that leads to the Lord and that keeps us on a spiritual path. When we stop praying, we close a door that was meant to be wide open every day. Let’s not close the door to our breakthrough. We sometimes blame our circumstances or even blame God for some closed doors when we are the ones that are closing one of the most important doors. Prayer is the entryway to the kingdom. Prayer is a celebration. Our praises during prayer or in general are a knock on Heaven’s door. That knock lets us in. You don’t have to bang on the door. Just knock with praise and worship and you are in. Next time you are at a loss for words to say when you pray, praise. Let praise be the secret code that gets you in. Your prayers are giving you access to everything the Lord has available for you. Pray, ask and you shall receive. Remember that what’s behind God’s doors is what you need and not necessarily what you want. God knows what to give you and it will always be better than some of the things you think you want. Your prayers are making things happen. They can move mountains. They can keep you safe. They can change your circumstances. Keep on praying. The enemy would be more than happy to see you quit. Don’t give him that satisfaction. Resist the devil and he will flee! Never stop praying.

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 33:3; Romans 8:26; 1 John 5:14



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