Being a generator of God’s power

With power being out in most of my town, you can hear the sound of generators at night. I don’t have one of those but I believe they are a good investment. Generators are fuel operated. They convert energy into electricity. They are little powerhouses that give light, power and bring back life in a way. It made me think about how we can be generators for God. We have the ability to distribute His power. We can be powerhouses of His love. We can be vessels that pour His love into empty containers that are longing for His presence. God gives us the fuel. If we leave the cap off, He can pour the fuel that is needed for us to generate His power and His love. God’s power lies in His love. Love is the number one force in the universe. His love gave His Son for all of us. His love initiated the sacrifice that changed the trajectory of humanity should we choose to accept Him into our lives. It is His love that heals. It is His love that creates miracles. It is His love that forgives. It is His love that parts the seas. It is His love that gives freedom and deliverance. Love is behind the power of God. Love is the power. You and I can be vibrant generators if we fill up with God’s Word and with His love. It is a message that will never grow old. We can be and we should be generators that are filled to the brim with God’s best so we can share it with others. The commandment to love God and to love others is the backbone of the Gospel of Jesus. It is His commandment that will change the world and impact the current culture of negativity, judgement and discrimination that is becoming more and more popular. I want to be the best generator I can be. I am learning. I am taking lessons. I am making progress. I am making mistakes but I am sticking with it even when it gets ugly or difficult. There is so much power in love that needs to be flowing into the world. God’s love can turn on lights even in the most obscure places through the generators that we are.


We can be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. God is the supplier of all power and strength. When we are connected to Him and plugged in, we get everything we need to stay strong. I have noticed that when I stay in the Word and when I make the Lord my priority, He draws near to me. I give Him what I can and He comes closer and closer. He loves being close to us and being acknowledged in all we do. He is the head and we are the body. We should look up to the head and act like the body, meaning we should take “orders” from Him and let Him be the head that He is. I spent too much time acting like I was the head of my life making decisions that didn’t take God into consideration. I eventually fell on my head and broke all the doctrines I had imagined based on my feelings and emotions. It was a lesson I learned the hard way. I then realized that I couldn’t rely on my own fuel. It was watered down and it didn’t energize my spirit. Pure words from God are what our fuel should be made of. The fuel should be His Word in combination with devotion, prayer, adoration and gratitude. Once you have put that fuel together, you can generate a lot of power for the Kingdom. You can go forward without fear. Your faith gets you to places where God’s love is needed and you go there with hope and zeal. Accept that you can be a powerhouse of love. You can give the love that can mend broken hearts. The love that can allow hope to stay alive. The love that can produce good fruit in the fields that have been emptied all of vegetation. As long as we keep in mind that we are not the power and we don’t own it. It is all coming from God.


God is able to do far more abundantly than we ask or think and when we are those open vessels, there are no limits to what the Lord will do through us. We will be generators that don’t run out of power. We will give and give and spread the love and the healing that the world around us is in need of. To become an effective generator we ought to put our worries, our concerns and our egos aside. We need to forget about ourselves and let others be the priority. It is necessary to be “other people-minded.” Is it easy? It’s not but as we yield more and more we are transformed into powerhouses. The power hinges upon the degree of surrender as well. The more surrendered we are, the more love can be poured into us. That power when put to good use will enable people to get back on their feet. We are to be generators of encouragement and comfort. Generators that listen more than they talk. Generators that are just there to give and bless. Generators that show up and spill love all around. You will receive power to be witnesses for God and His love. Fill up your tank. Get in the Word. Dive into God’s love and remain there. Let the Lord use you as He pleases. You are going to be a powerful generator of love. God bless you!

Suggested reading: Romans 1:20; Ephesians 3:20; Ephesians 6:10

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