Becoming the companion of the Holy Spirit

What if you heard “You are going to make it” on the inside every day? That is pretty much what happens to me. I have found that since I made up my mind and decided to get as close to the Holy Spirit as possible, my new normal is to hear from Him. There are so many voices we hear on the inside and it is hard at times to know which one is which. Is it your own voice? It is the enemy’s voice? Is it God’s voice? They all sound the same but they are different at the same time. That is the confusing part. I used to think that God’s voice would come through with thunder every time He talked. I used to think that He would always intervene in a very dramatic way with lightning and winds. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking that way. When we expect the lightning and the wind, we can easily miss out on what God has to say. His Spirit is gentle and He won’t hit us on the head to get our attention. He is humble and very gentle. The first time  I distinctly heard God was 17 years ago. I was waking up from a nap and I heard deep down “Pray for this woman.”In my mind I saw a woman from the church I was attending at the time. I didn’t know her well. I knew one of her friends but I had never interacted with that woman. However, I could picture her very well. I asked “This woman?” thinking about the one I knew and I heard “No, the other woman.” I prayed for her. Then I called the lady that I knew and told her about my experience. She was shocked because that woman I saw had just been taken to the hospital. I had absolutely no idea. I didn’t even know her name but the Lord knew her and He knew what had happened. The Holy Spirit did this.


This experience made me realize that we can hear from God in our everyday lives. He is a practical God and He is a God who is interested in the details of our lives. He knows everything and He can communicate things to us. How did that happen? How was I able to hear about the woman? I was so into the Lord. I was extremely plugged in. I was in school but I didn’t have too much else going on so I was able to dedicate time to the Lord. In March 2003 I renounced my old life. I had been saved for many years but I needed to rededicate my life to Christ. I got tired of living on the edge of my life in Christ. I had one foot in and one foot out. I was walking on that thin line between being a believer and being an unbeliever. I did believe but my actions and my words didn’t testify to a deep relationship with God. I mostly acted like God was a once a week friend that I visited and then I forgot as soon as I left His presence. To tell you the truth I didn’t experience His presence much in church. I just went through the motions and did what everyone did around me without putting my heart into it. The change came when I let the Lord revolutionize my heart. I said “Enough of this.” I wanted a fresh start. The Lord is the God of many chances. We can mess up a million times, He will forgive us a billion times. I knew about the Holy Spirit and I had read that Jesus had sent Him so He would be with us. That is what I wanted. I wanted to be the Holy Spirit’s companion. I knew I would be in great company.


A companion is a person with whom we spend a lot of time or with whom we travel. Life is such a journey and we ought to choose our companions carefully. Bad company can spoil moments that are meant to be memorable in a good way. I did what I could to become the companion of the Holy Spirit. The first key was to spend as much time with Him as possible. The Bible tells us that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people so praise and worship seemed to be my best bet. I praised and worshipped every morning and every night. I talk about that a lot. Friend, trust me. It makes a huge difference. If we don’t see a difference in our spiritual lives and in our lives in general when we praise and worship, we are not doing it right. It takes practice and surrender. I poured my heart out. My desire was to lift up Jesus and honor Him. It didn’t take long for the presence of the Holy Spirit to manifest. Within days He would come into my dorm room only a few seconds into praise and worship. Joy invaded my room, peace was all over me and a blanket of His love rested on me. His voice became more distinct. I also read the Word a lot and His voice referred me back to His Word all the time. I traveled with Him. Anywhere I went and anywhere I found myself physically, mentally and emotionally I had the Holy Spirit with me. I talked to Him. I thanked God for Him. I involved Him in all my dealings with life. He was my companion and I wasn’t going to ignore Him. I did spend some time in the wilderness when I distanced myself from Him as I started working but for the past 7 years it’s been an amazing adventure. My number one companion is teaching me, encouraging and loving me every day of my life. I pray that you are the companion of the Holy Spirit and that your eyes are open to His divine kindness. He is the best!

Suggested reading: Amos 3:3; John 14:26-28; 1 Corinthians 15:33

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