10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 133)

The noise in your head can make you think that God’s silence represents defeat. God is not silent. You can make Him loud by speaking His Word over your life. Give a voice to faith and you will silence fear.

God will give you what will feel like a century of blessings for all the years the enemy has taken from you. Hold on to hope!

The Lord is reminding you in His Word that nothing is too hard for Him. Changing your circumstances is not too hard for Him. Parting the seas is not too hard for Him. Changing your water into wine is not too hard for you. Making you joyful again is not too hard for Him. Nothing is too hard for the Lord!

Don’t let the day get to you. Let the Lord get you through the day. He will make a way throughout the day. Put your day in His hands and He will hand you a good day.

Use the Word of God as a crutch. Use it even when you feel you can stand on your own two feet. Rely on it to cross dangerous roads. Rely on it when you walk in fields of peace. Walk the walk with God’s Word.

You might be going through hell on your way to Heaven but remember Jesus conquered hell so Heaven is your secure destination.

When everything spins out of control, give God all the control. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and thank Jesus for being in control!

Just because you don’t like what you are hearing doesn’t mean it is not from God. Discernment is important!

You will stand firm. With God you will stand firm forever. The ground you walk on will crumble but you won’t fall. The quicksand of the enemy will not stall you. God will make you path straight and you will walk with confidence.

A surrendered heart is worth a thousand prayers spoken from an empty spirit. Give you heart to the Lord. Let Him inhabit your spirit and put His love in your heart and in your soul. Surrender to the love that never fails.

Suggested reading: Psalm 15:5; Psalm 51:10; Hebrews 4:12

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