God has room for you

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong in a church? Have you ever thought you would not be welcome in a church or into a group of believers? Have you ever thought that God wouldn’t take you in? Have you ever seen yourself as not worthy or not good enough? I am here to tell you today that you are always welcome in God’s house. You belong there. You have a seat at His table. You are family and you are loved. God has always loved you. He loved you way before you were born. He loved you so much that He sent His only Son as a sacrifice so you could have life through Him. God will never cease to love you and He will always care about you. You are in His thoughts and you have a huge spot in His heart. He values you and He adores you. No one should tell you that God loves you less because of what you have done. No one has the right to give you a report on what God loves about you and what He doesn’t. Let God speak for Himself about you. Let Him tell you and show you His unconditional love. You can read about it in His Word and you can comprehend it with your heart. If you don’t know what to meditate on, meditate on God’s love for you. Build up your capacity to receive His love and to get a glimpse of its magnitude. God is the only One who will always love you no matter how much you mess up and no matter how much you reject Him. His kingdom is not too narrow and not too tight. God has room for you. Today I want to encourage you to focus on the One whose arms are wide open for you.


One of the most popular Psalms, Psalm 23, talks about how God sets a table for us. Think about what is involved in that process. He doesn’t set a table out of obligation. We are part of His family. He is our Father and in His house there is a table with lots of love, peace and joy all the time. He prepares the table. He puts things into motion in our lives. He puts things into place. He has utensils on the table, plates and glasses. Each item was selectively chosen for you. Each item on the table is for your use and it is intended to help you get to the blessings that are on the table. He put everything there on purpose for you because He loves you. He did it all intentionally. Our God is intentional. You are not a mistake and you are not an intruder at His table. Some people will never know how God is waiting for them and how He has a welcome table for them. You are more than welcome, my friend. There is a seat at the table with your name on it. It is reserved and it stays there. You have a permanent place at the table of the Lord. If anyone tells you that God is not happy with you, remind them that you are part of His family and He has a reserved seat for you. The enemy will be the first one to try and convince you that God doesn’t want you. All he wants is to separate you from God’s love. He is the king of division and separation. Jesus is the king of reconciliation and re-union. Jesus reconciled you with God and covered your sins. Don’t let guilt and shame keep you from enjoying God’s presence. Don’t let your mind trick you into believing that God doesn’t want anything to do with you. It is a lie. God can’t wait to spend every second of every minute of every day with you!


People criticized Jesus for receiving sinners and for eating with them. Now, think about who would be considered a sinner nowadays. The truth is that we brand people as being sinners when their sins seem obvious to us. We measure the size of their sins and classify them accordingly. Who are we to judge? Who are we to say that someone sins more than we do just because their overt sin is different from ours. Jesus would sit with every single person that is on the earth today. He would not classify people. He would not put them in boxes and only open the boxes of those with “minor sins.” He would not love some people more than others. He would not welcome those who are rich, popular and those who look good more than the homeless and the less privileged ones. He sees everyone through the blood that He shed for humanity. Anyone who has blood flowing in their veins is the same in His eyes. The color of people’s skins doesn’t matter to the Creator. He made us all different and He loves the diversity He created. There is plenty of room in His arms for the whole universe to be comfortably embraced. If you are dealing with rejection from men today, deal with Jesus directly. See what He has to say about you and don’t let people undermine His love for you. Jesus prepared a place for you, no matter who you are. Get to know Him better. Remove the interferences. Jesus accepts you to the glory of God. Let’s love one another and spread the love that comes from the Father by speaking kindness, by demonstrating God’s goodness and by taking care of one another. Let’s show the world that God has room for everyone. Let’s sit together at His table and rejoice over His greatness, His mercy and His grace. You are always welcome with God. Don’t you forget that!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:5; John 14:3; Romans 15:7

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