Pray for miracles

There are so many things to pray about and what we ask God is usually in alignment with what we are able to believe. I have been working on increasing the size of my capacity to receive from God. This means that I need to make my faith bigger. When I read the Word I can’t ignore all the miracles that the Lord performed. They are all over the Bible and they are a big part of the Bible. I wouldn’t say that miracles should necessarily be the focus of our connection and our relationship with God but if we are to trust God and believe Him for who He is, we can’t put miracles on a shelf and not believe in them. God is love and because of His love for us, He performs miracles and wonders. Miracles can still happen today. We just don’t hear about them enough so our faith in them is a bit limited. Church has been a lot more about self-improvement than about miracles in my humble opinion. God is the God who makes you feel better and who makes your life better. He does that for sure but He can do it in a major way. There can still be events that change your life to the point where you know they are divine interventions. Events that cannot have been caused by men but that come directly from God. Miracles are waiting to happen. They are waiting for people like you and me that know and trust that the Lord still performs miracles today. The God we praise is the God of miracles. Add that to your beliefs. Add that to what you proclaim every day. Sing it. Believe it and lift up the God of miracles. Increase your faith bucket and expect God to fill it up with blessings that will blow your mind! Study the miracles in His Word and develop a spirit of expectancy for the signs and wonders that the Lord wants you to experience on a regular basis.


Pray for miracles. Show the Lord that you know they can happen and you know it is His will to bless you with miracles. Have prayer lists and pray for miracles for people in your life. Pray for miracles for your town, your community, your country and for the world. I always feel a little funny when I hear people praying for their country and not mentioning the rest of the world. There is a form of nationalism that expresses real exclusion and self-righteousness at the same time. When we think that our country is superior to other countries and we keep asking God to bless it, it doesn’t sound very Christian-like to me. Praying for our country is extremely important but it should be part of a prayer that also covers the rest of the world. Miracles can take place anywhere in the world and it is our prayers that make things happen. Imagine if we formed a coalition of believers who prayed for the world. We would see God’s hands around the world. I am sure that many people do pray for the world. I just feel like we need more prayer warriors to not only pray for the world for peace and salvation but also for miracles. There isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from God’s miracles. There are times when miracles help people believe. It is not their main purpose but God’s ability to do the impossible is a sign and wonder that catches people’s attention at times. It also gives a boost of confidence and faith to believers. Do we need to see miracles today? I would say yes because we need to know God for who He is and understand the magnitude of His greatness a bit more. We are not maximizing our knowledge of God. At least that is my sentiment. Jesus revealed His glory through His signs and wonders and His disciples believed Him.


Nothing is too hard for our God. He said it in the Old Testament. He said it in the New Testament and He demonstrated it through the ages. Time has not removed God’s power and God’s desire to bless His people with the extraordinary. When you pray for miracles, you pray according to God’s will. Ask Him to bless someone with a miracle in an area where they are struggling.  Let God choose how He is going to do it but hand Him your faith for miracles and He will do great things. Everything is possible for the one who believes. Our faith activates God’s hand. The goal is to build up our faith so we can expect great things. Our faith can limit God or it can give Him free reign to do the impossible in our lives. With faith we can talk to our mountains and tell them to go throw themselves into the ocean. Think about your biggest mountain, your biggest problem and be aware that with God’s power in action in your life, that big problem can disappear. Your faith can push miracles into your life that will make room for the supernatural and get rid of the enemy’s negativity in the natural. Pray for those types of miracles for others and for yourself as well. Try this. Think of things that you deem impossible and expand your faith for them. Find scriptures that back up your faith for what you want to see take place. Declare every day that God can do it and thank Him for it. Be relentless with it and keep feeding your spirit words from the Lord. Pray for miracles so the world can be impacted by God’s love and your world can be turned upside down for all the right reasons. Pray for miracles today!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:27; Matthew 21:21; John 2:11

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