Keep praying for open doors

I love how God opens doors. I love how He places doors in our lives that should not exist. He can create anything out of nothing. He has the power to line up doors that no one can close and that no one can remove from our lives. He tells us to keep knocking. Keep asking and keep seeking. Sometimes those doors appear when we expect them in faith. Sometimes we have to stand in front of empty spaces hoping and praying that a door will show up. Those invisible doors can be seen with the eyes of faith. They are not there in the natural but with our supernatural eyesight we can see them and we can look forward to them. We are encouraged to seek. God wants us to seek His face. Look for His will. We should seek and wait for His directions, His recommendations and His guidance. Seeking His will is crucial. It prevents us from looking for doors that should not be in our lives. There are times when we pray and God doesn’t seem to answer. God doesn’t materialize the doors we are praying for. It is because those doors are not meant for us. It is because we are praying outside of His will. I have found myself in that position many times. Waiting for doors that wouldn’t come. I felt rejected. I felt misunderstood until I found out that those doors would have hurt me more than anything.  They would have led me down the wrong path and they would have given me access to a house of chaos and trouble. Today I want to encourage you to invite God’s doors of blessings into your life. Put yourself in a position to receive. Seek God’s will. Ask for new doors. Stand patiently and knock with the fingers of faith. God has doors for you that will lead you to a new place where blessings abound, peace is present and joy is a daily occurrence. Keep knocking! Pray for open doors.


The first door we should be praying for is the door for the Word of God to be heard. Paul asked in the letter to the Colossians that people pray for the Gospel to be spread and that God opens doors for people to enter into the world of the Word of God. There is a door that needs to be built between God and people and it is the door to the Gospel. Many nations are not being exposed to the Word of God. Many communities or groups of people have not been graced by the Gospel. You might have friends or family members who have not been introduced to the Word of God and you are waiting for that one door, that one opportunity that can make it happen. Pray for the doors to be open for the Word of God. Pray that there are entry ways into people’s hearts. Pray for the right time and the right place for the Gospel to be presented. A door for the Gospel can be a chance to share your testimony. Leave the door open so to speak and let God choose what that door is going to look like. Trust Him with the process. Your life can be an open door for someone. Just by seeing how you think, how you act and how you talk, someone can find a door that leads to God. You can be someone’s ticket to a ride on a new adventure with Jesus. Don’t underestimate the power of your life testimony. You might be the door someone has been waiting for. Pray that you hear the knock and you let them in.


God can create doors whenever He wants and your faith can bring those doors to life. When you believe God can do the impossible and you hold on to your faith even when things don’t look good, anything can happen. Seek God’s face and ask Him to put the right desires in your heart. Pray for doors to open. Stand in the space where faith is all you know. Stand patiently. Keep praying and keep knocking and God will show you the doors. He will make those dreams happen. He will bless you with opportunities and situations that your faith helped you believe in. When all seems lost, God has a way. He has a door and He has a secure place for you to stay. Don’t get discouraged if you are not where you think you should be. Your current situation is not a reflection of your destiny. Your destiny is in God’s hands. Leave your future into His hands. Believe that He can bring the right door at the right time. If you can’t see a door anywhere, look for it in your heart where faith lies. Let your heart take over and faith will draw the door in front of your very eyes. Pray for more doors. Pray for the right doors. Pray for opportunities. God is going to give you more than you expect. Whatever you need, remember that Jesus is the door! Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 22:22; John 10:9; Colossians 4:3

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