As it is in Heaven

“Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” is a prayer I said for many years without truly understanding what it meant. It is part of the prayer Jesus tells us we should pray. He gives us a great model for our prayers. When we pray we should want God’s will to be done on earth the way it is in Heaven. We should pray for God’s will in Heaven to collide with this world. What does God’s will look like in Heaven? It is all over the place. It is dominant and magnificent. When we pray, we should ask for a “Heaven collision.” Jesus encourages us not to pray using many words. In the middle of many words we can lose track of our point and we can get carried away. God knows what we want so we don’t need to say too much. I have found that sometimes I get taken into a prayer sphere where I can’t stop praying and the Holy Spirit supplies the words. It is like a windmill that can’t stop and that keeps churning adoration, reverence and supplication. I love it when the Spirit of the Lord directs my prayers and I keep climbing the ladder of praise under His direction. The Spirit of Jesus knows what His will is and He will influence us and lead us into prayers that seem bigger than the universe. Some people call them bold prayers. Prayers that bring Heaven to earth. Prayers that are filled with faith and that dare to call for the impossible. When Heaven collides with us, anything can happen. God gives us a breakthrough, blessings show up left and right, healing happens, peace and joy are radiant and love reigns. Today I am inviting you to ask God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Pray bold prayers. Expand what you expect from God. Heaven can collide with earth and your prayers play a part in that collision.


What happens when Heaven is on earth? Like I said before, anything can happen and the impossible becomes possible. Today you might be going through a season where the world is so present that God seems very absent. You might be in need of a heavenly intervention. Your hope could be wearing thin and you are slowly drifting down the pit of the earth. Heaven is where you would rather be. I know the feeling. I know how strong the sentiment of being lost or abandoned can be. God has not abandoned you. You might be lost but you are going to be found. Pray for Heaven on earth. Charge up your prayers with hope and faith knowing that God can bring a change into your life. Your piece of Heaven is on its way. God has not forgotten about you. Your cry is going to turn into laughter. Your despair is going to be replaced by jubilation. God’s will is for you to know peace and to know love, His love. He can give you peace in the middle of the worst chaotic atmosphere. That is Heaven touching the earth and manifesting God’s presence. Good things are coming. God is about to give you a reason to celebrate despite the heartaches and you will receive revelation from above. His will is going to shatter the enemy’s plans. Expect a change of plan sponsored by a heavenly collision. Let God spoil the enemy’s plans. Heaven is going to show up and turn your life around.


Now, pray that your situation changes. Declare that God’s will in Heaven is going to be done here on earth. What you are going through is not going to last because you are putting pressure on it with God’s will in Heaven. His will will triumph. Speak against the adverse circumstances and don’t accept defeat. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so you would lose the battle of faith today. He is the cornerstone of your faith and your hope in Him is not vain. Seek God’s kingdom. Pray for it to come. As you keep praying for His will to be done, His angels will minister to you and you will see things starting to turn around. Before you know it, it will be like Heaven on earth. Think with the power of faith and see things as it is in Heaven and not as it is on earth. Pray for God’s will to invade your world. Don’t resist it. Let it take shape in your life. Submit yourself to the Lord. Let His will come first. Welcome His will and cherish His love. God’s love is the reason why you are here and His love is a powerful demonstration of Heaven colliding with earth. YOu are loved by the Creator of the universe. Pray to Him. Pray bold prayers. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:10; John 6:40;  Hebrews 10:36

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