Using God’s supplies every day

Many students are getting ready to go back to school next month. With everything that is going on, school is going to look very different this year where I live. One thing that will remain the same is that kids will need to get some supplies for school. Some will get new backpacks and new sets of pens and pencils. Their packback is like a tool kit that helps them access their education better. They will have books or computers they will rely on that will go into their backpack. I love the idea of a tool kit, a kit that allows us to accomplish what we have to do on any given day. I myself carry a backpack with a few “tools” for the day. I have a physical backpack and I also have my spiritual backpack. The weekend is a great time for me to fill my spiritual backpack because I have more time than I do on weekdays. However, I also get ready for the next day by setting time apart to refill my spiritual backpack every day. As a matter of fact I get ready the day before and the morning of every single day. Do you have a spiritual backpack? What do you put in it? 


The most precious thing I carry in my spiritual backpack is a cross. This cross is more than a symbol. It is a daily reminder that I should carry my cross and that the Lord died on the cross for me. Without the cross of Calvary I wouldn’t be here today. If l lose sight of the Lord’s sacrifice and of my salvation, I can easily get carried away and run away from my faith and from what makes me who I am. I am who I am today because of my relationship with the Lord. He keeps me centered and balanced because I keep Him at the center of my life. The spiritual cross I carry every day is the reason I believe. It is the reason I don’t forget that love died for me and rose again. I am spiritually alive and well thanks to the cross. The cross makes up the bulk of my backpack. I carry it everywhere I go. I carry Jesus everywhere I go. Today I want to encourage you to prepare your backpack every day. Fill it up with all the tools the Lord has made available to you.


The Word of God is also one of the most important tools I carry in my spiritual backpack. Where would I be without the Word? Where would we be? The Word of God is more than a manual for living. It is the breath of God. It is God. It is a love letter from the Lord. I find everything I need in the Word of God. Because of my connection with the Holy Spirit, I get almost daily messages regarding passages I should study and they turn out to be what I need at the moment. Sometimes I take notes and save the passage for later. It all makes sense at some point. The Holy Spirit guides us in all things and He will enumerate what we should have in our backpack. I suggest working on developing a relationship with Him so that you know what to do and what tools you will need for the day. 


The Holy Spirit has a beautiful way of letting us know what is going on when we tune in and we are receptive to His leading. He is like the parent that watches you prepare your backpack and that gives you gentle reminders and instructions. You can either pay attention or you can ignore Him. The goal is to be sensitive to Him and not let the distractions of the world crowd our minds to the point where we can’t hear the voice of the Spirit. I love how He either talks to us with His sweet inner voice or He uses other means to talk to us. He leaves sticky notes around the house with directions. His sticky notes can even be through people in our lives. Look out for the Lord’s sticky notes that will give you an idea of what to put in your backpack.


When we prepare ourselves for what’s to come, we are not being pessimistic. We are being led. God wants us to be ready for what’s to come knowing that we can be well-equipped to handle anything. My spiritual backpack is not put together in preparation for the worst case scenario. It is meant to help me face anything that will come my way; good times and bad times. That said, I can’t forget all the supplies the Lord gives me to celebrate the good times and to celebrate Him above it all. I have my praise and worship packed. My gratitude is in the front pocket of my backpack and my adoration is also located in one of the pockets. Those supplies are used all the time. It doesn’t matter what life tries to teach me, I have the supplies that are necessary to keep me in the right mindset. 


When the lessons get tough, I have my praise and my worship out on my desk and I focus on them. When life is easy, my praise and worship are still right there with me. I don’t trade them for tools that promote whining and complaining. At least I try not to. I am working on adding some tools to my backpack. Faith is another tool that is permanent. Without it my backpack has a hole in it and all the good things of the Lord end up leaking. I put in prayer every day and it keeps me aware of the goodness of God. I pray that you have the best backpack ever. May God bless your tool kit and may you use it every day!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 24:27; Ephesians 6:10-18; 1 Peter 3:15

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