Walking on water with God

My prayer the other day was about walking on water. I asked the Lord to help me walk on water. It might sound strange but my request had a deeper meaning than what it sounds like. I didn’t ask to be able to perform a miracle and physically walk on the sea. These past few weeks have been busy, hectic and chaotic at work. It feels like we have been walking on troubled waters and drowning is not far away. We have been in need of boats, buoys and boards that can keep us afloat. I want to go beyond those floating devices and walk on water. I want to be like Peter, come down from the boat and walk on water as Jesus is looking at me extending His hand. I want to have the faith that keeps me walking even when the seas are rocky. The tribulations and trials of life often create situations where we are losing it and we are drowning. We hit rock bottom faster than a wreck in the ocean. I refuse to hit the bottom of this pit that is trying to engulf us and keep us down. I will rise and I will walk with the Lord. No matter what the oceans have in store for me, the Lord can give me peace and serenity. Friend, I am inviting you to walk on water. Take a step forward and walk on your troubles. Don’t run for shelter. The Lord is holding your hand and He is the refuge that is right beside you. Does walking on water seem impossible? I am sure it does but the One who can walk on water can bring you along and He can give you the peace and the strength to walk with Him. Don’t look down at the waters. Look to your side. Jesus is there with you!


Jesus walking on the water is described as one of His biggest miracles. Have you tried walking on water? How easy was that? It is not. Walking on water implies putting your foot on a surface that is not solid. It means defying the laws of nature and doing something that is scientifically impossible. Jesus walked on water like it was no big deal. His faith is exemplary. He walked on water. He calmed the storm. He shows us that there is nothing to worry about. I am a lot like Peter. I want to walk in faith in difficult situations. I want to walk and be strong in my faith but then the winds pick up and I lose sight of Jesus. I can’t be focusing on the intensity of the wind. The wind will blow. The wind will make everything look scary and dreadful but Jesus is stable and He can still walk through the most dangerous and impossible situations. Peter couldn’t walk on water when his focus was on the natural more than on Jesus. If we want to have a strong faith, we need to have a strong gaze. We need to stare at Jesus and not let go. The wind will try to scare us but God can reverse the wind and make it blow in another direction. When you keep your eyes on Jesus, nothing seems impossible. Today what you might need is to keep your eyes on Jesus. Look at how He can make you walk on water. The most unusual things can happen. The most incredible things can happen. The most liberating things can happen. As you gaze at Jesus, unusual, incredible and liberating things will happen.


If you are in deep waters today, remember that the Lord can get you out of the water and make you walk over it. Whatever is causing you to drown today is not going to win over you. Show the deep waters that your God is bigger and higher than the waters. You are about to ride the waves. The sharks in the water won’t bite you. The depth of the water won’t be a threat to you because you are going to be on top. God is going to show you that you can be on top of what is bothering you the most. It is going to be at your feet. Your burdens are not going to get the best of you. You are going to walk all over the negativity that was going to make you lose control. Stay strong. Keep your hopes up. Stay focused on Jesus. You are going to walk on water with God. When it happens you will be overwhelmingly at peace. You are going to have joy in your heart and fear and worry won’t be part of your daily routine. I pray that you get to walk on water with God every day. I pray that fear has no hold on you and that you can be strong in all situations life throws at you. Enjoy the walk and above all enjoy the One who is walking with you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; Hebrews 11:1

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