God always delivers

As a kid I loved getting mail. There was something very special about receiving a package or a piece of mail. I loved the anticipation of the mail. I used to wait for days for the delivery. I would get very impatient but the wait was also very exciting. I would order Christian books and count down the days until they arrived at my house. Once I got the books, I was in another world. It was as if I had received a gift from Heaven. I valued those books greatly and I loved the process from the wait to the time I finished reading the books. I remember a time when I didn’t receive a package I was expecting. It never got delivered and I was extremely disappointed. For me to get it, I had to go through a few hoops and spend a lot of time talking to the right people and making sure they would send the package. It felt like someone didn’t want me to get it. That is what the enemy does. He tries to stop God’s deliveries. He tries to slow down the process and get us discouraged. If we are discouraged enough in his eyes, we might lose our faith and that is what he wants. Today I want to remind you that God always delivers what He promises. The enemy can try to send your package to the wrong address but the Lord will right the wrongs. When God wants you to have something, no one and nothing can stop the delivery from taking place. Praise the Lord and thank Him that He always delivers!


God always delivers. The delivery time is not always known but it will come. What we consider as the perfect time can really be bad timing. God knows what the best time is for us to receive  and when we get on the same page, we avoid some major frustration. His page reads that patience is key and it is always rewarded. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that we sometimes leave in the basket and we forget about it or we don’t want to taste it. We go for the other fruit like peace and joy. We want those to be plentiful but patience is not a favorite fruit. Patience doesn’t always taste sweet. It is too much work to peel and it takes a while before we can savor its beautiful flavor. When I think about the Lord and how patient He is with all of us I am in awe.Every time I had to wait a long time for a package, I would get sad if it didn’t arrive on the day I wanted it to arrive. I had to learn that the wait was building up the patience muscles I didn’t have. I should have looked at the whole situation as an option to grow and not as an opportunity to show negative feelings that didn’t get me anywhere. When I started thanking the Lord for what He was sending me, my outlook changed and the wait was a much better experience.


Has God promised you something that hasn’t made it to you yet? Stay strong and stay in faith. It will come. There is a blessing wrapped in a package with your name on it. It’s on the way and it won’t get lost. God will deliver something very amazing as you learn to enjoy the fruit of patience. He is a patient God and waiting patiently is imitating Him. We follow in His footsteps when we wait. The delivery can come when you least expect it and it will come when you most needed. Trust that God has a plan and your delivery date is written in His perfect plan. Don’t give up. Keep on praying. Keep on praising. Enjoy the Lord while you wait. Don’t despise the wait. It is forming your spiritual character. The world might not always deliver good news but the Lord always does. Spend time in His Word and you will discover the amazing mail He delivers to you on a daily basis. God is faithful. He will deliver His promises. Great things are coming!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 7:9; 1 Corinthians 1:9; 2 Timothy 2:13

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