The best plan to follow

We’ve been having a lot of technical issues at work this week. Some of the problems have appeared to be insurmountable. Some teachers in my school are losing hope and are getting discouraged by the heavy lift that is expected from us. We were encouraged to have a Plan B in case things were not working. Plan B failed yesterday and we were at a loss. Plan C was not any better.I told one of my friends that Plan J is always the best. That plan can’t fail. Plan J is Plan Jesus. His plan is well-structured and it endures everything. Plan J should always be our Plan A but we often go through a series of plans that keep Jesus out of the equation. Plan J is meant to work all the time. It is meant to be the best plan in the world today and forever. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The issues you might be having today don’t change Him and they don’t diminish Him in any way. Plan J is a plan to bless you and to prosper you. It is a Plan to get you through all difficulties with a singing heart and a peaceful mind. Plan J is what we should opt for all the time. Other plans should not even be an option. Many plans seem great and they work out for a while but after some time they lack the substance that Plan J has. Plan J is God-minded, God-centered and God-reliant.  Today I want to remind you that there is a Plan J and that His plan is always best. It is the best plan to follow every day.


What is Plan J all about? It’s all about Jesus. It is all about what He said in His Word, who He is, who we are in Him and what He has planned for us. Jesus served as a bridge between  the Father and us and that was a plan that changed the world forever. Plan Jesus is the plan of redemption, salvation, reconciliation and transformation. Jesus died for our sins and reconciled us with God the Father. Without Jesus there would be no plan. Without Jesus there would be no way. His plan is our way out. Our way out of eternal spiritual death and our way out of our problems. His plan also takes us out of our old ways and brings us into a “new us”, a new way of living and a new way of thinking. Plan J transcends all the plans of the enemy. What we need to do is to adhere to the plan, abide by the plan, accept the plan and live out the plan. We adhere to the plan by accepting Jesus into our lives as our personal Savior. We abide by the plan by following what He says in His Word. We accept the plan by putting our faith in it. We live out the plan by living out our salvation here and now. Accepting Jesus implies following Him and sticking with Him through the thick and thin. It also implies imitating Him and sharing Him with the world. Plan J is about love because Jesus is love. Let’s follow the plan that puts others before us and that glorifies the Lord all the time.


When you follow Plan J, you submit yourself to the Lord and you let Him lead the way. You listen to Him and you honor Him. You walk by faith and not by sight. Plan J doesn’t see anything as being impossible. Plan J can solve all things and it comes with a great dose of peace and patience. Plan J doesn’t want you to rely on your feelings and your emotions. Plan J is a powerful plan because faith is extremely powerful. You can move mountains with Plan J. You can reverse situations with Plan J as you stand in faith. You can touch people’s lives with Plan J since you are representing the Lord and spreading His love. Plan J is selfless and it is good all the time. Opt for Plan J today. Opt for Jesus. Don’t let stress and fear make you go through plans that don’t involve the Lord. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and you will prosper in all you do and God’s plan will come to pass in your life. Follow Jesus. He is the best plan to follow!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Esther 4:14; Psalm 33:11

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