God will take your broken pieces

God will take your broken pieces and make you whole again. He will fix what is broken and mend whatever needs to be put back together. There is nothing you can bring to God that He can’t fix. Jesus won against death. Death is the biggest form of destruction that exists. Death is life broken in a million pieces that can’t be put back together yet Jesus did it. He did the most impossible thing. He mended life and He made things right again. He took sins and washed them clean with His blood. Our sins, transgressions, diseases and infirmities were taken care of by Jesus. The worst broken pieces were transformed and they still can be transformed into something beautiful today. Your life might be broken today. Your heart, your hope, your peace, your circumstances, your health, your joy, your job, your faith. It doesn’t matter what is in a million pieces today. Jesus can take your pieces and restore everything. Your life is not impossible to fix. Your worst situation is not impossible to fix. Keep your hope in the Lord. Your broken pieces are not the end of the story. They are an opportunity for the Lord to make things better. You might see them as a season of bad luck but God will bring a new spring and His sun is going to shine again. Today I am encouraging you to give your broken pieces to the Lord and expect restoration. Expect reparation. Expect God’s mending power to act in your favor. Don’t give up hope. God is going to take your broken pieces and give you a brand new set of anything you lost. He will give you beauty for ashes and peace for the stress you have been experiencing.

When you go through hardships, it feels like your life is broken. It feels like there is something wrong in the system of life and you need to find the repair manual that will allow you to make things better. The problem is that life doesn’t hand you such a manual. There are theories, ideas, principles and human solutions that help for some time but the real manual is the Bible. The Bible tells you that Jesus is the solution to all your problems and nothing is too big for Him to fix. I once had a series of trials and tribulations that really tested my faith. After a few tough episodes, I saw my faith fall apart. It was in so many pieces that when I picked one up, I noticed there were many more lying on the floor of brokenness. I couldn’t make things better on my own. I gave up and I distanced myself from God. Life seemed like it was too much to handle and I hid my head in the sand. Broken pieces were even buried in the sand. I was reminded of how broken my life was everywhere I turned. It wasn’t until I turned to the Lord that I started seeing restoration. I prayed and begged. Have you ever begged the Lord to forgive you and to help you? I have found myself there many times and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. He hears us the first time we cry out but sometimes doing it over and over again can be therapeutic. All He said was that He had died not only for my sins but for my life. He took my life and gave it a new coat of paint. His new paint is founded in eternal life and it smells like love fresh out of Heaven. He said that my broken pieces were not too scattered for Him to put back together. He showed me that He could even find the pieces that were hiding under the couch. The pieces that appeared to be impossible to find. He can find anything and heal anything. I prayed for healing. I prayed for Him to heal my situation and I thanked Him for His power of healing and for loving me so much. The spiritual exchange I had with Him made a huge difference. God will also direct you to His promises and tell you that He doesn’t change His mind about you.

Today I am inviting you to take your broken pieces, no matter what they are and give them to Jesus. Taking them to Him is an act of faith. You can also ask Him to help you identify your broken pieces. We don’t always realize what needs to be fixed. The Holy Spirit will reveal the areas of your life that are in pieces and He will give you hope. When God shows us a problem, He also gives us the solution. He will never tell you that your situation is hopeless. He will take those pieces and create an amazing new thing that you didn’t think could exist. God will pick up your pieces and put you back together again. Your brokenness will end. Trust in the Lord. He is going to fix your life and mend your heart. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:14; Psalm 30:2; 2 Corinthians 5:17

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