Get all prayed up first thing in the morning

I could talk about prayer every day because I think it is just phenomenal. My spiritual life took a turn for the best when I made prayer a daily priority. I started praying first thing in the morning, last thing at night and in between. I had no idea that prayer was a serene time with God. A time for developing our relationship with Him. To me it became essential and beautiful. I cherished my prayer time. There was nothing better than that for me when I got into it and I let it fill my heart and occupy my mind and spirit. Yes, prayer turned out to be an invasion. An invasion of the good kind. It overwhelmed my heart and it drowned my doubts and fears. I remember wondering why no one had ever told me how amazing prayer was. Before that, I had been given a somber and monotonous description of prayer. Prayer was described as a ritual, a rite of passage into sainthood but it was very repetitive and robotic. There was no life in it. It sounded so boring and so powerless. It was a memorized ritual and it was void of the Spirit of God.

When I decided to rededicate my life to the Lord, the first thing He showed me was the need to start the day with prayer and start prayer with praise. Why was praise and worship so important in my prayer time? Why couldn’t I just go straight to the bead of requests I was planning to string along a thread of words? The Lord is in our praises. There is an underestimated power in praise. Praise is where the house of the Lord can be found. If you are lost on the path of life, get into praise and you will find the house of love, joy and peace. Praise is God showing up and manifesting Himself. True and sincere praise brings the Spirit of the Lord to the scene. It is the most fantastic thing I have ever experienced. It is glorifying the Creator and lifting Him up. It is joining David in the choir of Hallelujah and the church of adoration. Praise is focused on Jesus, the centerpiece of our faith. When you put your mind and attention on Him, the atmosphere changes. Your fear melts away. Stress diminishes. Worry loses its grip and negative thoughts take a backseat. Praise and worship will give you easy access into a prayer time that will revolutionize your life. Praise before you pray and you will pray with the power of praise in your heart and the presence of the Lord all around you.

I used to wake up feeling heavy and burdened. I used to scan my day in my head and make stops in all the most negative places. I used to start my day with overthinking. It all stopped once I made prayer my ignition button for the day. I quit turning on the engine of fear that keeps the car of stress running all day. Prayer became my motor and it gave me the drive to stay positive and confident in the Lord. Early morning prayer changed my life. Early morning prayer impacted my life. Early morning prayer helped renew my mind. Early morning prayer gave a boost to my spirit. Early morning praise led me beautifully into prayer mode. When you praise and the Spirit of the Lord is vibrant, He will give you the words you need to pray. He will show you that repentance is good, conviction is necessary and adoration should continue all day long. He will amplify your heart of gratitude and increase your muscle mass of faith. Prayer will become this exchange with God that you will be looking forward to all the time. You can’t spend time with God and not come out unchanged. Prayer will transform you and it will transform your day. It has been many years now that prayer is the way I start my day. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like I said, the morning angst has been gone. Prayer sets the tone for my day and the revelation and messages of the Lord during prayer time are like a light into my path. They lead the way and they comfort me at the same time. I pray that you get prayed up in the morning as you start your day. Get prayed up and expect love, peace and joy to accompany you all day so you can deal with anything that comes your way. Get all prayed up first thing in the morning with praise as your access point into the house of the Lord!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; Psalm 22:3; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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