God can change your world

I was at a store the other day and they were playing a very depressing song. The singer was saying “Nothing’s gonna change my world” in a very defeated and sad tone. The whole song was a downer. There was no glimmer of hope. You could actually feel sadness in the atmosphere. I don’t know if many people felt it but I am pretty sensitive to that kind of thing. It seems that morose and sad stories and songs are commonplace  in our world. Not just this year because of the pandemic but it has been a trend for a while. We sometimes love those sad songs and we attach our lives to them and think that the songs are the perfect mirror for our lives. We can see ourselves in the lyrics and we identilfy with the pain that is being described. How sad it is to hear someone who says that nothing can change his or her life and that there is no hope for them ever! I feel for those people because I used to be one of them. I spent years believing that nothing could change my life and that it would be a series of sad songs that no one wanted to hear because they were too disheartening. 

It was bad for a while but then came Jesus. Then came a new song. Then came hope. Then God came to my rescue. Then came the biggest change of my life. Then my world was changed for the better. Friend, God can change your world and make it a much better place to live. God can rewrite the lyrics to the songs of your life, refresh your tune and give you a chorus that echoes His joy. God will take your world, flatten it up and create a world that is round and beautiful. He will take you around that globe of bliss, mercy, grace and hope over and over again. You might be walking on dry land now and your world might be all deserted and barren but the rain is coming. Oh yes the rain of the Holy Spirit is going to come down on your world and new colors, new beginnings, new breakthroughs are going to grow in the new fertile land of the Lord. God can change your world so powerfully that you will not recognize any of it. You will walk around amazed at this new region where milk and honey abound. You have seen nothing yet. God is going to make a change that will make you praise Him even more. Don’t despise where you are now. Rejoice and stay in faith as you wait for this new world to emerge. It’s in God’s plan. A new world is about to break loose into your life.

We have a new life in Christ and every day is a new opportunity for fresh blessings from the Lord. He is not slow to keep His promises and you will see in time how He is changing the world around you. It all starts on the inside. God is going to change you from the inside out and He is going to put new perspectives, new ideas, new visions and new hope in you. As you study His Word and you let Him take you on a spiritual journey by yielding to His character, change will take place. Your life is headed to a brand new environment and you will get there as you work on renewing your mind with the help of God’s Word and the help of His Spirit. There is so much that can happen inside of us when we connect with God. When we are plugged in and we take the time to get to know Him, we are transformed on the inside. God is so good and so kind that spending time with Him results in receiving goodness and kindness that we can distribute to the world in return. 

Imagine seeing the world the way the Lord does. I don’t think we can completely share the Lord’s mind but we can get chunks of His thinking and adopt them. We can have His mind to some extent and let it guide the way we approach life and the way we enjoy life. That is one of my goals in life. Sharing as much of the Lord’s mind as I can. I don’t want to see the world through the eyes of the world. I want Jesus’ eyesight. I want to wear the goggles of His love and give the world a chance by seeing it through the eyes of God’s love. I want God’s Word to be my manual for life.  I have seen the impact of God’s Word on my life. I strongly recommend studying it, meditating on it and embracing it. It will change your world. It will change you first.

If your world is in bad shape today, don’t worry. God can change it and He can make you forget the misery you were living in before. God almighty can shake things up and He can displace the hurt, remove the pain, destroy the hate, eliminate the debts and take away the stress you have called home for so long. Give Jesus free access to every region of your world. Let Him roam around and take care of every corner of every street. Surrender. Give in. Let Him be God of every part of your life today. Don’t be afraid to let Him get into the valleys. Give Him the mountains. Turn over any dry lands to Him. Pray for change. It will come. God will hear you. God will bless you. God will change you and He will change your world. Stick with Him. He is not done with you yet!

Suggested reading: Mark 16:15; Romans 12:2;  2 Peter 3:9

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