Before you go to bed tonight

For years as a child I was told never to go to bed angry. It was almost like a superstition in my mind that if I did go to bed upset and angry at someone, something bad would happen to me. Did it stop me from being upset? Not always. Sometimes the fury, the frustration and the anger were too strong. I don’t get mad easily but just like anyone else there are things that push my buttons and once those buttons have been messed around with I can’t contain the anger. I should say that it is much more manageable now and I have learned a few things along the way that have helped me deal with negative feelings at the end of the day. Anything negative should be dealt with before bed and I am going to tell you why it is so important.

Anger, frustration and irritation are not from God. They are operators from the enemy that try to discredit the Lord in us by making us act against His way of being and by dragging us into a path of negativity where unrest is prevalent and where one negative step leads to another. Each of one of those steps aim at driving us away from the Lord. If anger is what we let in and feed our hearts every day, a door will form that will keep the Lord outside. Eventually that door will turn into a wall that will become a stronghold that will be hard to get rid of. This goes for any negative feeling. Anything that is the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit will cause destruction and chaos in us. They can torment us and keep us in a state of perpetual confusion. Now, if any of those negative feelings are with us before we go to bed, they will find a fertile ground at night to grow roots in and they will stay with us longer. They can easily take over when they are left standing there at night. They can also get in the way of our bedtime prayers and they can keep us awake for a long time. Our minds are powerful and when they are bombarded with negativity, they fester more negativity because overthinking is a trap in which we can fall easily. Release any negative feelings before you go to bed.

I find the time before bed to be sacred. It is the time when I can unwind and when I can tell the Lord how much I appreciate all He did during the day. I try not to end the day on a sour note. Gratitude and thankfulness are what we should end the day with. They should be with us all day but I see the importance of having them tuck us into bed. They always make us more receptive to the things of the Lord. A grateful heart is a heart that knows God’s value and that doesn’t take Him for granted. Imagine how little gratitude there is in our hearts when we go to bed angry or filled with negative thoughts. It is hard to be grateful when we are bitter. It is also hard to be bitter when we are filled with gratitude. When you get overwhelmed by feelings that are distancing you from the Lord, make sure you cleanse yourself of those feelings. Attack them with praise. Attack them with prayers of gratitude. You don’t have to be mundane. Just tell the Lord how much you love Him and how much you adore Him. Just say it in your own words. Fill the atmosphere with gratitude. Fill the atmosphere with hope. Rebuke the negativity. Make yourself a bed of peace when you stay focused on Jesus before bed.

Paul addresses the revelation that it is not good to go to bed angry. He specifies that going to bed angry will make room for evil. Evil can get through the cracks of our vulnerability and make itself comfortable. Before you go to bed, face the music and make it stop. Face the negative chatter and silence it. Get into the Word of God. Do something nice, something positive for someone else. Talk to Jesus. Lift Him up. Fill your mind with His positive words. Renounce the feelings that are causing you to be angry. If you need to forgive someone, don’t wait until tomorrow. Forgive them before you go to bed. Keep your mind clear and keep your spirit open to love. When you do, you allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely. Stay on His wavelength. Keep walking in love. Stay grateful and let your last words, your last thoughts and your last actions of the day be a manifestation of your gratitude to the Lord. Before you go to bed, spend time with the Lord.

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:4; Ephesians 4:26; James 1:19

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