Powerful prayers you can say

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus prayed when He came to earth? You would think that since He was the Son of God He wouldn’t need to pray but He prayed to the Father when He was here. He isolated Himself and communicated with God. He prayed a lot. He prayed for people. He prayed for the world. He prayed that the Father would forgive those who were going to kill Him. Prayer is part of His language and He encourages us to pray. I have noticed that the Holy Spirit inspires me to pray all the time. I have my “set” prayer sessions but I find myself praying for random things during the day. Lately He has been putting a burden on my heart to pray for others. It is not the kind of burden that weighs you down. It is a burden that is more like a nudge or an encouragement that doesn’t leave. It goes away once the prayer has taken place. He has been showing me that praying for others is very important in the Body of Christ. Not just praying for other believers but praying for anyone we know or we hear of. Jesus said it is not those who are well that need a doctor. When you think about it, prayers can touch anyone because God is no respecter of persons and He is not limited to a certain type of people. He is for everyone and loves everyone. How unfair would it have been if Jesus had to ask people if they were believers before He could minister healing to them and they then did it only if they believed in God? He never did that. He never discriminated and He never reserved His healing power for the chosen few. Anyone on His path qualified for healing and deliverance.

Anyone in your life qualifies for blessings from God and for deliverance from whatever is keeping them captive. God can set people free from any problem, trial and tribulation and we are the vessels that can help make this liberation happen. We should get into prayer mode for others more than we get into backbiting mode or whining mode. It is easy to complain about people or to dismiss them. Praying for them is not as natural and as innate but it is in our spiritual DNA. The Spirit of God wants to guide us through the process but we have to first be open to listening to the needs of the world. We ought to be more empathetic and more compassionate. There are many lessons about compassion that I have learned from children who enjoy playing with other kids that are different from them. I am talking about little children who don’t know any better than to just share and engage with other kids no matter how different they are from them. The power of compassion leads to the power of prayer. Without compassion and empathy our prayers can remain very self-centered and that is not the main goal of prayers. Prayer should work with love and love looks out for others first. Love says “God, bless them before You bless me.” Love and prayer are a dynamic duo. I want to hang out with them all the time and learn more about compassion and empathy.

“Pray without ceasing” is an encouragement from God. Put it in the context of placing others first and you realize that praying without ceasing for others is strongly encouraged. Some people will never have anyone pray for them. You could be the one who blesses their lives with prayers that make a difference. God listens to the prayers of the fervent believers. Have faith that God listens to you. Have faith that your prayers are going to produce some good fruit in someone else’s life. Be the living prayer that God can use to touch someone’s life. Make yourself available when you pray. Be available to do whatever the Lord shows you to do for others. When you are led by love, compassion and empathy your prayers will be loaded with messages for the people you are praying for. A message can be as simple as telling them a few positive words. Stay open to the flow of the Holy Spirit when you pray for people. All the Lord desires is a willing heart. Start praying for people around you. Ask the Holy Spirit to make you aware of the needs around you and stay in prayer for the people He points out to you. Be that vessel of love that keeps pouring hope and peace in people’s lives. God will use you. Praise Him for the needs He is going to meet as you spend time on your knees bridging the gap for others.  The prayers you say for others are powerful prayers because they demonstrate that you share the heart of the Lord. Keep praying those powerful prayers and watch how God blesses people, heals them and delivers them!

Suggested reading: Job 42:10; Luke 18:1; 1 Timothy 2:1

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