Saying secret prayers every day

I often talk about prayers because I find it to be the fuel to everything that is spiritual in my life. Prayer opens my mind to the things of God. Prayer opens my heart to the voice of God. Prayer opens me to the needs of others. I learned that prayers should be made for others before they serve us. Prayers are what we are supposed to say for others instead of talking about others behind their backs. Prayer can actually be a form of talking about people without them knowing it but it’s all good things. There is something beautiful about talking to God about someone without the person knowing it. I call those conversations with God “secret prayers.” We don’t have to go around and tell everyone that we are praying for them. We don’t have to make a public announcement about our conversations with God. Our prayers can make an impact in people’s lives. Those powerful utterances shouldn’t be said once in a while but they should keep going. When I first started praying on a regular basis, I noticed that my prayers were like a thread. They followed a certain logic that didn’t make sense to my mind but that made sense to the Spirit of God. That thread starts with praise and worship that are followed by repentance and then comes the secret prayers. Those prayers are for people I know and for people I don’t know. I pray for my family, my friends, communities and regions as the Spirit leads me.

In the first month of my daily prayers, I remember seeing a group of what I called “underground Christians.” I saw them in my mind when I prayed. They seemed to be in a basement or a cave praying. They were Asian Christians who were devoted believers. I saw them and prayed for them every time I prayed. I imagined that they were in China where being a Christian can be an underground practice. Months later I was at a Christian conference in Nyack, New York. They had different sessions in different buildings. One of the sessions I was interested in, happened to be in a basement of one the buildings. Much to my surprise most of the people attending the session were Asian. I stood in the back and observed. They were fervent believers that seemed to be passionate about Jesus. I couldn’t believe it. The underground Christians from my prayers were right there in front of me. The preacher saw me in the back and asked me to come to the front and pray for people. I had never done that in public. God wanted my secret prayers to be made public. I followed His lead and we had a great meeting. My heart had grown fond of people I didn’t know but the Lord knew them and He wanted me to pray for them.

Secret prayers are prayers said in faith for people who are not necessarily believing God. It goes without saying that we shouldn’t only pray for believers but that everyone deserves to be prayed for. Anyone and everyone we meet can be the subject of a secret prayer. The goal is to spread God’s love through our prayers. Let’s sprinkle blessings and healings in people’s lives one prayer at a time. Ask God to show you who you should be praying for. Ask God to point out those who need secret prayers. You will see that friends and family are all in need of various prayers and you will find strangers to pray for. It is just between you and the Lord. Ask and you shall receive. Ask and you shall receive answers to your prayers. People are struggling. People are in pain and they need your prayers daily. Be relentless when it comes to prayer even if you don’t see results right away. The prayer of a fervent person is effective and powerful. Don’t underestimate the power of your secret prayers!

Suggested reading:  Jeremiah 29:12-13; Matthew 21:22; James 5:16

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