Keep walking with the Word of God in hand

I get very excited about what the Lord says in His Word. I have had a recent awakening to the truth that the Word is supreme. It is something I understood but it took a while for it to strike a cord with my heart.  We hear so many things in the world and most of them inspire fear. The Word of God inspires faith and brings hope. The most powerful source of hope is the Word of God. God is His Word so He is the source of all hope. There is nothing that He can’t handle and He says it over and over in His Word. Wherever you are today, know that you are standing at the top of a precipice because of what the world has to offer. There is a possible fall in front of you if you choose to follow the world’s lead. However, there is also a path that is lit by the power of God, the power of truth and the power of God’s love. That path will keep you on solid ground if you choose to follow it. It is that path that will keep you from falling. You might stumble and you might experience a little fall but you will not go down the precipice of negativity and destruction when you keep your eyes on the Lord and you walk side by side with Him. Today I am inviting you to get on that path or stay on that path. It could appear to be a narrow alley at first as you are learning to trust God but it is wide. It is a wide path with huge blessings. Stand on the Word of God and you will walk on the promised land where you will hear God, you will see Him intervene in your life, you will get to know Him and you will walk with a new peace and a new joy in your heart. Keep walking with God every day even when the world tells you that things will never get better. Ignore the lies. Stick with the truth of the Word of God.

Do you have verses that you love? Verses that really speak to you? I have a number of them and it is refreshing to read them. I have my daily Bible reading in the morning and I often go back to some passages I had highlighted a long time ago. I love going back to the basics of my faith and checking how that truth is still relevant today. I make sure that I incorporate it in all I do. I have found out that some of the verses I used to hold on to tightly need to be revisited on a regular basis. The less I see them, the less influence they have on me. My spirit needs to be fed and “re-fed.” The Word of God has an array of food that we should be consuming all the time. What looks like baby food can often be just what we need. The milk of the Word is great for our faith bones and it allows that structure of faith to stay strong and not collapse when the enemy attempts to destroy our hope. I wish I could stop the world from distributing negative messages but that is not possible. What is possible is to stop those messages from influencing me when I use the Word of God as my weapon of choice. A few words from God are all I need to get back on the horse of hope. Reading the Word and studying it is walking with God and paying attention to what He has to say. As long as my focus is on Him, I am good to go.

Walking with the Word of God in hand is exactly like walking with God because like I said earlier, the Lord is His Word. I will continue to encourage you to take the Word of God with you wherever you go. The path that the Lord has set before you is amazing but there can be obstacles and interruptions that will try to derail you. The Word tells you what to do when those mishaps take place. First you need to stay calm and refuse to fear and panic. It is harder to operate when fear is in control. Renounce the fear and pump up the faith. Ask the Holy Spirit to assist you. Declare out loud that the Lord is with you and that you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Then you need to surrender to God’s plan. Don’t let your free will get in the way. Tell the Lord that you give Him all control and that you trust that walking with Him is the best thing to do. Once you have made this pact, start walking. Start reading the Word and meditating on it. The Lord will show you things you had never picked up on before. You will hear His gentle voice through His Word and you will have confidence and faith. You will know in your heart that you have the most amazing One on your side and that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to Him. Keep walking with the Word of God in hand and you will avoid the traps of the enemy, you will enjoy the beauty around you and inside of you and your actions and words will worship the Lord Almighty!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Amos 3:3; 2 Corinthians 5:7

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