God’s unexpected gifts

Yesterday I received a very une gift in the mail. It was a box of my favorite cookies from the city. As I recognized the box, I thought right away that I knew who had sent them to me. I have had some rough few weeks with work and things happening in my community and I thought my friend wanted to cheer me up with those cookies. They are truly the best cookies I have ever tasted and the bakery in New York is known for having excellent pastries and cookies. Come to find out, the gift was from someone totally different. I was not expecting that at all. This colleague of mine wanted to put a smile on my face and she succeeded. I don’t know how she got my address and how she knew I loved those cookies (that I have on rare occasions). It reminded me of how God has those unexpected gifts for us. He comes out of nowhere and gives us the best gifts ever. His gifts are not necessarily material gifts but He has even better gifts. He pours spiritual blessings into our lives, He restores what is lost and He adjusts our lives. I am going through a great life adjustment these days and it has come as a surprise to me. God is so good and so generous all the time. It blows my mind how amazing He is. Today I want to remind you that God has gifts for you that you don’t expect. If you are feeling down and you are feeling that nothing is going well, keep in mind that blessings bigger than your imagination are coming your way. At the least expected time, God is going to leave a package in front of your (spiritual) door and when you open it, you are going to be super blessed by the kindness and the goodness of the One who sent you the gift.

The most unexpected gift the Lord has given the world is the gift of Jesus. Jesus had been announced for a very long time through a number of prophecies but when He came, I can only imagine that people had given up on the fulfillment of the prophecies. He came to save the world when the world was completely lost and hope of a better life was not commonplace. Who would have expected that Someone could redeem the world, heal the sick, fix the broken hearts and bring salvation to humanity? Jesus is the best gift that will ever be given to whoever believes in Him. Before I received the Lord into my heart, I certainly didn’t think that life could get better. I didn’t think that life could be good. I had gone through some very rough times and the hope of a Savior was not in my heart. My heart was hollow because some life events had emptied it of all hope and faith. I didn’t have anything good to hold on to. I did but it didn’t satisfy me for long. Then I found out that God was merciful and that He had mercy on me. I didn’t know what I had done to deserve Jesus. I had done nothing and He had done everything. My life was changed forever. The gift of Jesus was by far the greatest transformation in my life. To this day I still wonder how it happened. When it took place, it was as if the Lord had unearthed me from under a pile of sadness and sorrow and got me out of my troubles. He did just that. He pulled me up and He has kept me standing all these years. He is the gift that keeps on giving. He is incredibly giving and He has continued to bless me with gifts that come out of nowhere.

When you receive God’s unexpected gifts, you are in awe. A few weeks ago I was driving back from the store when I was “hit” by a surge of peace. It was total peace. I was extremely calm and I felt serene. I knew it was the Lord because that peace was like no other. It didn’t come from my circumstances or from any good news. It just straight from Heaven and landed on my lap. It was such a sweet and powerful gift. All I could do was praise the Lord and thank Him loud and clear.I have received that unexpected gift of peace very often and it still leaves me in awe and adoration of the Lord. My prayer is that you enjoy God’s unexpected gifts. I also pray and thank the Lord for all the blessings He is sending your way. Gifts are coming. Surprises from the Lord are coming. Thank the Lord for His unexpected gifts!

Suggested reading: Romans 6:23; Romans 11:29; James 1:17

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