God is your strength

The other night I was very tired. I had work to finish for the next day but I was too wiped out. I didn’t think I could do it anymore. I was overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure. I decided not to push myself. I needed a break but the reality was that the work needed to be done. I had to take care of a few things that were due the next day. A colleague emailed me and told me that one of the lessons I was planning for the next day wasn’t going to work for the kids because they had a program on their computers that could do the work for them in a few minutes. I told her that then I didn’t know what to plan for them because I was too tired. These are not my students. I am filling in for a teacher who had to leave and I am providing lessons one day at a time on top of my regular workload. I am glad I can help and someone has to do it but there are times when it is all too much. Was I really going to give up and not plan any lessons? I would have felt bad about it. I did feel like there was no gas in my tank so not creating lessons was the best option. At least that is what it seemed. God had a different plan. His plan turned out to be much better. His plan is always much better.

Deep down inside I heard the comforting voice of the Lord. He said that I had all the fuel I needed. All I had to do was push the ignition button and start driving. I loved that. It cheered me up and it encouraged me to stretch myself. It truly wasn’t a stretch because His strength was my strength and I tapped into it. How? I just agreed with what He said. You see, when we are in agreement with the Lord and with His Word, great things happen. It is that agreement that makes things happen. It seals the deal. The alliance we have with Jesus guarantees that we will be blessed and that we will overcome obstacles, traps and all kinds of adversity. That tired feeling and the anxiety that was attached to all this work were difficulties that I needed to overcome. At the moment I saw them as a natural occurrence. We all get tired and we all need rest. I needed rest but the Lord knew that He could get me over to a place where my energy was up and my zeal to do the work was back. He did just that. Because I agreed with His promise that He was my strength, I received a jolt of energy and motivation and I took care of the work.

The Lord is extremely faithful and He makes the impossible happen. When we stay in faith, when we stand on the Word and when we rely on the Lord, nothing can stop us. Nothing can stop blessings from coming, solutions from appearing and breakthroughs from taking place. I was extremely tired but the Lord handed me a plate where all I needed was nicely displayed. His plate had faith, hope, joy, courage, boldness, zeal and perseverance on it. I absorbed all of it and I was able to create lessons that were both interesting and challenging. The ideas came fast. The plans were clear and the writing of the plans was fast and detailed. If you are overwhelmed and tired today, remember that the Lord is your strength. Agree with Him. Stay focused on Him. Don’t give up. Keep going. God will give you the strength to do what you think you can’t do and He will carry your burdens and bless you. Stay strong. Stay God strong. He won’t let you down.

Suggested reading: Psalm 27:1; Matthew 19:26; Acts 1:8

One thought on “God is your strength

  1. Praise be to God! As we surrender all to Him, He gives us all that we need to overcome. He did that for you and this gives me a huge boost of faith which is much needed. I am standing at a crossroads right now and reading your post reminds me that when we give all to God, He will take care of the rest. He knows every detail even before we do and all we have to do is ask and we shall receive! As you looked to Him for help, He faithfully delivered a glorious plate of gifts! Hallelujah!! Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us and God bless you!!


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