God is always with you

God is always with you. Isn’t that comforting? I think we forget that truth very easily just because we don’t see Him but He is everywhere. He is with us all the time and He never leaves. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus into our heart, the Holy Spirit comes and dwells within us and doesn’t leave us. Why is it that sometimes we feel Him more than other times? I believe it’s because we leave Him so to speak. We get so distracted that we lose the awareness of His presence. Life has a way of taking us down roads that put some distance between the Lord and us. I have been down those roads many times and it seemed like I would never find my way back to God but through His amazing mercy I was found again. I still take walks away from God from time to time but I know what is happening and I can reconnect more easily. God is with me all the time. His Spirit is always ready to talk to me and to listen to me and that goes for all of us. If you are feeling like you are alone or that God has left the building, I am here to remind you that He can’t leave you and He is by your side right now. He adores your company and He would never forsake you. Learn to recognize how present He is and your relationship with Him will be amplified.

Understanding the Holy Spirit is key. He is part of the Trinity. He is God. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence. We have God with us when we believe in Jesus. Jesus is the gateway to the Holy Spirit. He is our connection to the Father. The Spirit of Jesus exalts Jesus and He is Jesus as well. It sounds complicated but it is simpler than we think. Jesus, God with us, sent us His presence so we would know Him and stay connected with Him. The Holy Spirit is the counselor, the guide and the coach that always points us in Jesus’ direction because that is His direction. The Holy Spirit will never point you in a direction that separates you from Jesus. That is how you know you are dealing with the Holy Spirit. He is God so He is also the Word of God. God is His Word. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through His Word and reminds us of the Word. He is an advocate for the Word and for the Lord. He is a Person who speaks and who talks to us. Once I gave myself up to the Lord and stopped holding on to areas in my life that He wanted, I started being aware of the Holy Spirit.

Since God is always with us, we should live our lives with the awareness that He is always present. It doesn’t just mean that we should avoid doing things that grieve the Holy Spirit but we should actively engage with God. How? Through prayer primordially and conversations. I talk to God throughout the day. I talk to Jesus. I talk to the Holy Spirit. They are all one  and they are with us. The Holy Spirit helps us know Jesus more and that is why I talk to Him. I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit which as a kid was unthinkable. It is such a comforting relationship today. He lets me know that He is listening and He talks to me through different venues. He uses His Word to show me He is with me. He talks through circumstances and situations. He speaks through messages and sermons. He also talks in a small, gentle and sweet voice that I mostly hear during prayer time. When I am in prayer, it is so easy for me to be aware of God. What I need to do is carry that awareness through the rest of the day and that is why I talk to God under my breath or in my head. Talk to God more. Talk to Him all day. Establish a deep relationship with Him. He is with you now. He is waiting to be acknowledged and to be exalted. God is always with you. Let that be what you focus on every day. Let it be magnified in your mind and in your heart so your problems look smaller. Enjoy His company every day! You are never alone. Never!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 23:4; Ephesians 3:17

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