Count your blessings

Every time someone tells me to count my blessings it makes me smile. I smile because I have been trying to count my blessings more. I love the acknowledgement of the blessings in people’s lives. Just the simple fact that we tell someone to count their blessings shows that we know the blessings are there. God wants us to see our blessings and the blessings in other people’s lives. There are blessings as small as a mustard seed and blessings as big as mountains. We ought to see them. We need to acknowledge them and embrace them. The other morning when I was praying, the Lord told me deep down inside to turn up the volume of my gratitude. He told me that gratitude is powerful and it is a must. A Christian who lives without gratitude doesn’t honor God. God does show much for us all the time. Those blessings that we consider to be small should be the object of our expression of gratitude. We get so used to some of the things we have. We take a lot for granted and yet all these things are a blessing from God. It’s not just a question of comparing what we have with people who have less. It’s a question of seeing what God does and thanking Him for it. No comparison needed. No literal counting of blessings. God is good all the time and we can sing that all the time instead of choosing to count all our trials and tribulations. Friend, you are blessed. Think about it. You have the Lord in your life. He is the biggest blessing of them all. He is the blessing that keeps on blessing. If you have the Lord, you have all you need. Thank Him today for being in your life. Thank Him for being God. Thank Him for loving you. Thank God that He blesses you and adores you. Count your blessings by being aware of the power of His love in your life.

I got to a point where I realized I was focusing more on what I didn’t have than on what I had. I think our minds go there easily. We look at the Joneses and we find that we have much less than they have and disappointment sets in. We think about what our lives should be like according to the world’s standards. We are constantly bombarded with images of an ideal life that is very hard to reach. We make a mental list of all that we don’t have based on what the world presents as the best life we could have. We look at the big things and the small things. We overthink it and we end up believing that we are not blessed and that we will never be happy. What is happiness? It sounds like the world is defining happiness for us when we should really be looking at God’s definition. He has joy that is stronger than the happiness of the world. To tap into the power of joy, you and I need to be counting our blessings every day. Every morning when we wake up, we should be thanking God for another day, thanking God that He is with us. Those amazing blessings should come to life as we talk about them with God and put them in the front seat of our minds. We all have trials and tribulations but they shouldn’t occupy all the space they tend to rent in our minds. I am not saying we should ignore our problems. We shouldn’t give them the power we allow them to have over us. Blessings are the best topics of our inner conversations and the One who blesses us should be our focus.

“Count it all joy” says the Lord. Let’s decide to do just that. Let’s find the tiniest blessings to celebrate. Let’s keep our eyes on the blessing of all blessings and praise Him. If He is the only blessing you can count, know that you can count on more blessings to flood your life. Celebrate Jesus. He is the blessing that will crush all your worries and all your fears. Count on Jesus all the time. Count Him in at all times. Thank Him for the Holy Spirit. Thank Him for His presence. Thank Him for His Word. Thank Him for what’s to come. Give your faith the microphone and start talking about the blessings that you can’t see yet but that you know belong to you in Jesus’ name. You are blessed more than you know. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the blessings that you don’t think you deserve. He will comfort you and propel you into the world of the impossible. Count your blessings and you will understand what a wonderful life you have in Christ.

Suggested reading: Psalm 21:1-13; Hebrews 12:2; James 1:2-4

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