Let the Holy Spirit coach you

I love thinking of the Holy Spirit as my coach. He is my coach. He is my guide. Jesus sent Him so He would give us direction in life. A coach is someone who motivates, encourages and trains. Through the Holy Spirit, God is training us. What is He training us to do or to become? The answer is simple. He wants us to be more like Him and to be the person He has destined us to be. We are not meant to be imitations of other people. We are to be imitators of the Lord. We can do that by being doers of the Word and by learning more about the Lord. The perfect coach will get us where we need to be. In order for that to happen, we have to have a coachable spirit and a surrendered mind. It is hard to learn from someone when we refuse to listen to them or we don’t let ourselves be open to what they have to teach us. A coachable spirit is a spirit that is more than willing to learn and that is ready to be the student and not the teacher. How many times have I acted like I knew more than God? I wasn’t aware of it but my actions and my words showed that I was dictating how I should run my life without taking the Lord into consideration. Surrendering to God is crucial. Giving up on the way we want to be and giving God permission to mold us the way He wants us to be is extremely important. Partner up with the coach of all coaches. Give up on the dreams that don’t agree with God and take up the dreams He has for you. His Spirit will guide every step of the way and He will train you and prepare you to be the best version of yourself. The version the Lord made. Trust Him. His Spirit won’t ever fail you!

I loved working with a personal trainer. I was extremely motivated but at first it was hard work. I think realizing what my weaknesses were and reaching my breaking point a few times were a rude awakening. I had to come to the conclusion that I needed help. I needed guidance and I needed a good plan that would get me to a place where I was vibrant and full of energy. God has a plan for you and me. Just like the personal trainer had a plan to get me in top shape. He succeeded. What did it take? It required for me to listen and apply what I was learning with him. I set time aside every week to meet with my trainer but I also trained on my own. I changed my lifestyle and I changed the way I ate. You see, the same thing happens with the Holy Spirit. When He is coaching you, which is pretty much all the time, you ought to change your lifestyle and do things differently. There is a purging phase where you have to get rid of some of the toxins from your past. Get them out of your system. Pray and praise. Pray and study the Word. Pray and stay grateful. Pray and stay strong. Pray and keep the faith. All these amazing habits will help you kick your old habits. It is work but it pays off greatly. Nothing is impossible with your Coach. He knows what to tell you and how to help you. Take Him seriously. Take his Word for what it is. Take His advice and apply what He tells you. Take Him to heart and He will change your heart.

One of the many great things about the Holy Spirit is that He points to God’s Word and to Jesus. He will never coach us in contradiction with the Word of God and He will never tell us anything that doesn’t exalt the Lord. What does He tell us during our coaching sessions? Everything He says is pure and positive. He is extremely motivating and talks about how wonderful our Lord is. He never talks about defeat but He talks about how Jesus defeated death and won salvation. He will always have nice words of encouragement for you. If you want to get a coaching session, get in your prayer room and talk to the Holy Spirit. Get in your private space and talk to God. Listen to His sweet voice. He is the coach who doesn’t yell. He will never scold you or undermine you. He will also show you that He loves you and that He wants the very best for you. He will counsel you and protect you. Give Him your heart. Give Him your full attention. Listen to His encouraging words by reading His Word. It is always the best place to start. His Word is where some of the best coaching sessions take place. Stay in His Word and you will be in the arena where the battle is won and the victory is yours in the name of Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and coach you through life. You will learn how to live the abundant life the Lord provided for you!

Suggested reading: Job 33:4; John 14:26; Romans 8:26

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