Praise your way out of it

Praise is one of my favorite topics because I know how much it means to the Lord and I know what it does in our lives. When I am in praise mode, the world can collapse but I keep on standing and believing. Praise transports me to another place where faith abounds and love is strong. Praise is a great way of touching the heart of God and learning about His heart. Praise gives us a glimpse into God’s power and love. When I started praising the Lord on a regular basis, I felt something new. I saw the beauty of the Lord in a different light. I found a way to ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit in my life and the flames of joy and peace were present every time I praised. Praise changes my thinking and it strengthens my heart. Praise is more than a tool. It is a lifestyle and it is a life-changing habit. “Habit” is a keyword here. We can’t praise once or twice a week. We should be praising God all the time. I am done with the once a week praises. They were great but they were not enough. They didn’t help me reach the altitude that my faith longed for. Praise is a habit that is extremely important. It cleanses your soul and it lifts up your spirit. I am telling you. If you are at an impasse today and you just don’t know what to do anymore, praise. If you are in a jam and you don’t know how to get out of it, praise your way out. Praise until the jam disappears. Praise until forever. Don’t stop praising. Get practice now for what you will be doing in Heaven. Praise the Lord. Give Him all the glory. Keep your praises high and your worries low. Praise the Lord and He will remove burdens and yoke. Praise destroys the power of the enemy. Do it every day. Do it when you don’t feel like it. Do it when your mind tells you not to do it. Resist the devil with the power of praise and he will flee!

David was a man of praise and worship. He had an intimate relationship with the Lord and he knew that praise was necessary for that relationship to work well. He knew what the Lord loved and He knew what the Lord wanted for him. God wanted him to be a man who exalted the Lord over everything. That is what praise does. Praise is like this giant bridge that goes over all your worries and trials and keeps you from being hurt by the attacks of the enemy. Praise will make you soar. Praise will make you rise to the occasion and be strong. Praise is power. I think we sometimes underestimate the power of praise. Why? Praise feels very unnatural when your flesh doesn’t feel like praising. Praise is work when your mind wants to hide in a black hole and only come out when things are good again. We can’t hide from our problems. We shouldn’t hide from them. We should face them head on with the power of praise. Praising God when things are not going well is like punching the enemy in the face when he least expects it. God has given us praise so we can glorify Him and so we can see the truth. The truth is that the Lord is supreme and He is more powerful than anything and anyone. Praise reminds us of the truth. That truth sets us free. When you are struggling, praise can set you free because it brings the Lord into the scene. Praise instead of bowing down to your problems. The more you think of your problems, the bigger they will look and the more powerful they will be. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you suffer. You are not meant to suffer, you are meant to conquer!

Praise your way out of your problems. Don’t ignore the problems. Acknowledge that  God almighty is bigger than the problems and praising can get you there. Praise is focusing on Jesus. The more you keep your eyes on Him, the more real He will become. Praise breaks the chains in the middle of the night. Keep on singing even if you have to sing until midnight so to speak. God will hear your praises. God will come and set you free. Don’t give up. It can take time but the right time will come. Praise the Lord with your words and with your actions. Praise Him when it’s not convenient. Praise Him with your actions when you feel like throwing in the towel. The power of praise will see you through your problems. Praise is the answer. Praise is the key that opens the door of freedom and deliverance. Jesus deserves your praises. Let your soul rise up with praise. Let your heart bless the Lord with praise. Let your mind be positively impacted by praise. Let your problems give in because of the power of praise in your life. Persevere and be consistent. Praise your way out of the heartaches and the headaches. God is going to act on your behalf. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 25:1; Psalm 150:6; Revelation 5:13

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