Adoring and worshipping the Lord

Yesterday after work I needed to run errands and go to different places in town but I felt the urge to go home and pray. The urge was bubbling up in my spirit and I felt like I was taking off,  I was soaring and I had to express what I was experiencing. There was a need for a release of whatever was going to come out of my mouth when I was getting home. As soon as I opened the door and stepped into the house, adoration flew out of me. It was a flow of words of worship and words of praise. It felt like a river of joy and admiration for Jesus was running through me. I think my spirit had been holding on to it all day and it wanted to shout out praise and thank Jesus. Thank Him for what? I thanked Him for everything and anything. My mind was telling me that I had no concrete reasons to thank Him but my spirit was in gratitude mode and nothing could stop it. We were created to worship the Lord and our spirit wants to do just that but there are many distractions every day that keep us from giving ourselves to praise. Today I want to encourage you to adore the Lord and let out all the praise and worship that is waiting to come out. You are a born worshipper and the more you worship the Lord, the more you fulfill what you were created to do.

How many times a day do we worship people or things that are not the Lord? How many times a day do we exalt God’s creation over God? I think we do it more than we know. I have to catch myself when I focus too much on things that steal all the worship that should be going to God. I don’t want my phone to be an idol. I don’t want Instagram to influence me and make me believe the perfect life is captured in photos of a fake reality. I don’t want to prioritize the wrong things and the wrong concepts and ideas. Jesus is my ideology. Jesus is my idea of a good life. Jesus is the influencer who can make me drop all the trends that distance me from the Kingdom of God. I can admire the creation but my utmost praise should go to the Creator. The Bible tells us that the love of money is a sin. Making it financially in this world can be an idol. We can have all the riches in the world but if we place them above Jesus, we are poor in spirit and poor in everything.

When I came home yesterday, words came out of my mouth faster than I could think. I was allowing my spirit to work hand in hand with the Holy Spirit and adore Jesus. I didn’t hold back. I gave God the glory with all my heart and all my mind. I blocked out the world and all I could think of was Jesus. The fact that I had to be home alone away from people was symbolic. Nothing was able to stand in the way of my worship and it was a great lesson. Sometimes we need to leave the world to be with the Lord. Sometimes we need to put everything on pause so we can let our hearts play songs of worship and adoration. The glory of the Lord is His manifestation and that is what I experienced in my kitchen. Praise mode was so strong that I got on my knees and lifted my arms to the Heavens. God was getting all the glory and my body, my mind, my soul and my spirit were celebrating Him. All I wanted to do was stay in that state of reverence. Nothing else mattered. My praise was all I wanted to give to Jesus. Friend, when we lean into our urge to pray and praise, we give our spirit a chance to glorify the Lord. Let’s give in to those urges of praise even when we don’t feel like it. Our flesh doesn’t want it but our spirit always does. We can win the battle of the flesh and the spirit by getting into adoration mode every single day. Praise the Lord almighty! Get on your knees and reverence Him. Lift up your hands to the Heavens and sing a song of worship. Banish idols from your life and give life to gratitude and to the worship of the Lord.

Suggested reading: Psalm 95:6; John 4:24; Romans 12:1

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