God’s love be done

Do you ever wonder what God’s will is for your life? Do you ever wish you could get some special intervention from Heaven that would reveal what God wants you to do in this life? I have thought of that before. As a young Christian I longed for those types of Heavenly visits that would bring me my life purpose on a platter with specific directions in an envelope sitting on that platter. It has never happened but I have found some clarity as to what God wanted me to do. To understand God’s will for our lives, we first have to look in His Word. It sounds simple but it is the number one place where His will is laid out and instructions for life are described. I recently read a survey that showed that most Christians don’t read their Bibles. They are good at reading books about the Bible but the Bible itself stays on a shelf or in a drawer. I was one of those Christians. My Bible was beautiful and intact because I never opened it. I felt like having it was good enough but keeping it on my nightstand never did me any good. It was like keeping a treasure in a trunk and never using it. What good is a precious treasure if we don’t put it to work for us. When the big change came in my life, my Bible was the number one recipient of the change. I started reading it every day, morning and night. I loved reading the words of Jesus and diving into His Word became one of my favorite things to do with prayer and praise. To this day reading the Bible is an amazing time and I cherish it.

God’s will for us is depicted in His Word. It is clearly presented and it is powerful and marvelous. What is it? His will for us is that we love Him and we love others. Everything falls under these two commands. Our love for God and our love for others sum up what we should be doing in life. Loving God means trusting Him and having faith in Him. Faith pleases God and it makes our lives better because faith is the weapon that stops the enemy in his tracks and that allows us to keep walking when we should be falling. God’s will is that we get to know Him and we get as close to Him as possible. That’s love. God’s will is that we help others and show them His love. That’s pure love. God wants to bless all of us. That is also His will. Today I want to encourage you to love God with all your heart and love others as much as you can. God’s love in you can change people. God’s love in you can spread peace, joy and blessings. God’s love in you is His will. God’s love in you is a blessing that keeps on giving. Keep it up. Keep loving. Keep caring. Keep spreading God’s will. His love heals, blesses, protects and connects.

God’s will transforms hearts. When I found out that God wanted me to love Him and to love others, I adhered to His commands and I let them become real in my life. As believers, we have God’s love in us and it is up to us to water it or to bury it in the sand. God’s love is His will so we can’t bury it. We shouldn’t. We should learn how to water it and let it grow. I think we sometimes fall short of expressing God’s love because we don’t follow it as being His will. We leave it to the select few to show God’s love or we love with mittens, afraid that too much love might burn. God’s love doesn’t burn. It brings light and it brings hope. It heals. When we love God and trust Him, our faith can heal us. We can get deliverance and healing from God when we believe. Jesus said to people who came to Him that their faith had healed them. Faith and love go together. Stay in love with God and your faith will grow stronger and stronger and your life will be better and better. Love God and love others without reservation.

I know that if I love with judgement in my heart and opinions in my mind, my love is not good enough. It is not pure and it is not God’s love. Loving others should be void of criticism and preconceived ideas. Those things hinder love and sabotage God’s will in our lives. He desires for us to do His work by helping others and by loving them without conditions. It is easy to love those who love us but loving those who can’t stand us is harder. Loving those who don’t seem to deserve to be loved is hard as well. However, it is God’s will that we love anyone and everyone and He has given us the equipment that enables us to love others. His love was poured into our hearts but it gets diluted by the spiritual pollution from the world. I love how one of Jesus’ disciples asked Him, “Lord teach us how to pray.” I say we can ask Him, “Lord teach us how to love.” When we ask, He responds. We can get lessons from the Holy Spirit on how to love more. He talks all the time and when we pay attention we hear all sorts of ways that we can love more. God’s will is that we love. Let’s focus on that part of our lives and let’s make it the biggest part of our lives. The world would be a better place if we walked in love more than we walked in self-righteousness. Others come first. That is what love wants. God’s love be done! God’s will be done!

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:43-48; John 13:34; 1 Peter 4:8

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