Give it all to God

When I have a lot going on and I feel the burden of all the things that are happening in my life, peace seems out of reach. It is mostly because I focus on the problems more than I focus on my Savior. The burdens of life can be so heavy that we forget that Jesus carried them on the cross. He said “Cast your cares upon Me” and yet we find a way to walk around with so many cares and concerns that our backs are about to break. Our walk with God becomes a very slow walk where we can barely put one foot in front of the other. It appears that the Lord is far in front of us and we are moving at the speed of a turtle with a heavy load on its back.

Problems will always come but they can also be handled. If we try to handle them on our own, we will not succeed. We might manage to deal with some things but the bulk of the problems will still be taunting us. Casting our cares upon the Lord is always the best solution. Today I am inviting you to cast all worries, all fears and all cares upon the Lord. Don’t give in to fear and don’t let worry form a crown of concerns around your head. The more you carry the cares, the more your mind will be tormented and the less your faith will grow.

Whatever you are facing today was carried by the Lord on the cross. There isn’t a single thing that Jesus didn’t take care of on the cross. You might be facing new problems and some new adversity that you had never encountered before. The enemy knows how to reinvent himself by adding new pain and new suffering. He knows how to come up with situations that will make you want to crumble. He is vicious and he is watching. He is like a thief in the night who comes through a window when everyone is sleeping and takes all he can while our guard is down. God is watching over you and He is with you even at night. Thank Him for His protection and thank Him for caring so much. Thank Him that no more what new tricks the enemy uses, you can still give all your cares to the Lord.

Thank God that He has carried your burdens and renounce them. Every time you feel the heavy burden, go into prayer mode and get rid of them. Talk to the Lord about your problems. Talk with the Lord about your problems. Do some of the talking and then do a lot of the listening. He will reassure you, talk to you, guide you and help you. Communicate with Him as much as you can. When you are doing well and when you are having problems. Keep the line of communication open. Talk and listen. Listen and follow His lead. Follow His lead and praise Him for His directions. Praise Him and stay strong. Stay strong and keep going. Keep going and keep thanking Him. Keep thanking Him and give Him all your cares. Don’t carry what was meant to be handled by the Lord. Let go of the fears and the worry and let God be in charge of your soul and your mind. Put your mind at peace by spending time with the Father.

Give it all to the Lord. Give Him everything that is weighing you down. Anything and everything that just doesn’t feel right. Give it all to God. The pain, the headaches and the struggles. Give them all to God. Don’t keep them inside. Release them with simple words of rejection when you pray. Reject the negativity and hand it all over to the Lord. I often pray, “Lord take all my doubts, my fears and my confusion. I give it all to You.” I see myself giving them to the Lord. I see myself getting rid of all that bad stuff. I see myself putting it all in the trash and the Lord takes the trash to the dumpster for me. I don’t need to know how He does it. I just have to believe that He is taking care of it. Send your worries to the dumpster. Send your cares to the recycling center. God will recycle your concerns and turn them into moments of great joy and peace. Cast your cares upon the Lord. He will get rid of whatever is bothering you today. Trust Him! Give it all to God!

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:22; Luke 12:23; 1 Peter 5:7

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