God is good over and over again

The Lord amazes me over and over again. I say over and over again because His blessings don’t stop and His goodness is never-ending. I can’t count how many times He has given me those wow moments when I have been blown away. I can’t think back to my life before He was my life. It seems so far and so foreign to me. How did I make it without Him? I don’t know but I know His grace was there and it kept me safe even when I didn’t know the Lord. I have learned to expect His goodness to always triumph and to get the final say at the end of the day. He will always be rolling in the blessings even when the enemy piles up the trials and the suffering. God’s goodness has no end. God is good over and over and over again. That is who He is. He is a good God whose goodness is always present. If you are having a hard time today, know that God is still good and His goodness will show up and show you that He is still in love with you and your trials don’t change who He is. Expect love over and over again. Expect healing over and over again. Expect joy over and over again. Expect peace over and over again. Expect Jesus over and over again. Expect a breakthrough over and over again!

It’s easy to realize that problems are something we can expect over and over again. From experience we know that they are bound to happen and they are part of life. Now, when you are aware of God’s goodness being a permanent part of your life, it’s a game changer. When you have faith in the Lord and you have an understanding that His goodness will always be there, you are ready to face anything. Focus on that. Focus on God’s goodness. Study it in His Word. Sing about it. Sing how it never changes and how it will always be with you. It will break the negative songs that are playing in your mind. Sing louder than the fear and the stress that are trying to set up shop in your heart. I rejoice just thinking about the goodness of God and how it is always available. When something bad happens to me, I can say “God is good over and over again. This will not change Him but He will change this situation.” Over and over again He will do what He does best and He will surprise me in a great way. I want to reiterate that you might be having some bad experiences today but the Lord is going to impact your bad moments with His goodness and what was meant for evil will turn out to be very good.

Remind yourself that the God of the “over and over goodness” is on your side. You are in camp Jesus. You are part of the winning camp. You are going to make it, over and over again. Don’t worry about the setbacks or the steps back. God will make up for the steps and He will replace the setbacks with a new set of blessings. Your salvation didn’t end with your last blessing. You are still a child of God and you are still highly blessed. There might be snow on the road now and your life is going slowly but soon the goodness of God will remove all the ice and the snow that have been slowing you down and it will be smooth sailing for you. Keep that at the forefront of your thoughts. Don’t slide down the trail of overthinking but think about how God is good and how He is going to get you out of that mess. He is going to do it over and over again. This is not the end. It is not over. God is acting on your behalf and He is doing great things behind the scenes. God’s goodness is going to stop the world’s harshness. God is going to do something great for you. Say that to yourself over and over again. His love will bless you over and over again!

Suggested reading: Numbers 6:24-26; Romans 15:13;  Ephesians 3:20

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