Jesus saves

Jesus saves. When I first got saved, I didn’t understand salvation very well. I didn’t know what to be saved meant. I had an idea but I didn’t fully grasp the meaning of this amazing gift from God. One thing I was told was that God saved me. What did that entail? I was saved from eternal death and that was the most incredible thing I had heard. As a kid I was scared of going to hell. Finding out that there was a way to go to Heaven was the best news ever. Then I was made aware of what being saved implied. It implied that Jesus died for my sins and that I was made pure by His blood. It meant that I was in a relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. I also believed that being saved was something that took place right there and then but that it continued in Heaven. I thought I had received my entry ticket to Heaven and I had to wait until then to reap the benefits of my salvation. In my young mind I got confused but looking back I can see that it was for the best. I took the words “being saved” very literally. I understood that salvation was about being saved from danger and saved from bad situations so that is what I expected then. I put my faith in the power of salvation operating here and now. I had this idea that since I was saved, God would come to my rescue every time I was in trouble. It did wonders for me until I found myself in tough situations and no relief and no peace came. I got stuck in my head and stuck in my emotions and getting out was difficult. My head kept me in a vicious circle of thoughts that made me believe that my salvation wasn’t working so to speak. God was broken. The whole thing was not functioning properly and my faith dwindled.

That childlike faith I had is something I am getting back to these days. Jesus still saves. He saved me from eternal death which is huge. It is the biggest and the best thing that could happen to you. Now, if you think about it, every trial and every problem you face is smaller than eternal death. They are smaller without a doubt. God took care of our worst nightmare. He certainly can take care of all the other bad dreams. Today I want to encourage you to spend time thinking about how Jesus saves you. He saved you on the cross and you are saved now. He is always there to get you out of the worst situations. Jesus will save you from the dangers and the hardships. He will save you from yourself if you let Him and show you that you are worth it, you are loved and you are blessed. Jesus saves. He will save you from the traps of the enemy. He will go before you and behind you and protect you. Jesus still saves today. The day you accepted Him as your Savior was just the beginning and you don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to live the abundant life He provided. You will definitely need to be saved sooner or later from a predicament or a difficulty. You can count on Jesus. He saves!

Your salvation today is marked by a relationship with the Lord. Many people live out their salvation without developing that relationship but it is a crucial part of being a Christ-follower. The Lord is your protector and your refuge. You can always find peace in Him. You can always find love and you can always find hope. If you are struggling today or if you are in pain, know that the Lord is your Savior. Stay in faith. He is going to save you. He is going to get you out of the mess and bless you. He is the perfect example of how being saved from a horrible situation can happen. He was hung on a cross and He died. Can it get any worse? He came back from the dead. He was saved from the inferno. He can save you from any hell you are going through today. Pray and thank Him that He saves and that He is going to save you. You are going to make it through whatever you are dealing with now. Jesus your Savior is going to get you through it and shield you. The bullets the enemy is firing are not going to reach you. Jesus is going to save you. Stay strong. Be courageous. He is not going to let you down. Praise Him. He will always save you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 1:21; John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8

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