Catching the fire of the Holy Spirit

Just like many people these days, I take my temperature daily. I check and see if it goes up. Thank God it hasn’t. It made me think about how I check my temperature but I don’t always check the Lord’s temperature. He doesn’t get a fever but He is always hot with joy and excitement. His Spirit is on fire all the time. When things are good and when things are bad, the Spirit of God is always doing well. There is a fire of hope, of love, of joy that is associated with the Lord. My goal is to catch His fire more often. I want to have the same temperature and enthusiasm for Him and for the life He has given me. I don’t want to be lukewarm in my faith or cold. It does happen. When things get tough, the temperature of our faith goes down. We become cold and unreceptive to the things of the Lord. Cold faith gets us nowhere other than places where there is doubt, fear and negativity.

When we are lukewarm in our faith, we are hot and cold, then hot and col and it keeps going. It is almost worst than being cold because we get a glimpse of the Lord and then we fall. That fall is brutal. It can happen to anyone and anyone can work on their spiritual temperature. How do we do that? The Holy Spirit should be our thermostat. He should be the dial we turn to increase the temperature. We should stay close to Him and acknowledge Him in all we do. Reliance is key. Devotion is crucial and surrender is primordial. Today I want to encourage you to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit and to stay warm in His embrace. Keep your spirit high by keeping the lines of communication with Him wide open.

It’s hard to think that God can be joyful and at peace all the time when we are going through difficult seasons. The truth is that He doesn’t change. He is constantly in high spirits. I know that when I am down I can’t picture Him being so vibrant with joy but He is. I found that praying so that my spiritual eyes would be open helps a lot. I believe it is important to pray every day and ask for our spirits to be open to the Lord and for His understanding to become ours. When we do, God shows us a more accurate picture of who He is. We get exposed to His love, His joy, His peace and His majesty. God is a joyful God and He wants you and me to be joyful. God is a peaceful God and He wants you and me to be at peace all the time. His Spirit is on fire and we can catch that fire by spending time with Him, time in prayer and praise.

Catching the fire of the Holy Spirit is something that changed my life. It first occurred when I decided to have daily praise and worship sessions. I would isolate myself and sing, praise and dance. Before I knew it, I was catching the fire. I was filled with joy and hope. The hope that came out of those sessions was out of this world. I would see life from a different angle, from God’s angle and when you do, nothing seems impossible. Nowadays those fire sessions still lift up my spirits and make my temperature rise. I love the Lord, I love His Spirit and I love catching His zeal and His love. You can’t spend time in the presence of the Lord and not catch what He has for you. Have those fire catching sessions on a regular basis. Let the Spirit guide you. Praise and worship Him with all your heart. You will come out of those prayer times changed, blessed, encouraged, motivated and stirred up for the Lord. Stay high in the Spirit! Catch His fire and your cold season will disappear.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Nehemiah 8:10; John 14:27

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