10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 145)

On your worst day, Jesus is still your best bet. In your worst season, Jesus is still your spring. In your worst hour, Jesus is still your best tim3. In your worst moments, Jesus is still Jesus.

Don’t let negative feelings pile up in the sink of your life. Give them to God. Allow Him to wash away the emotions and the angst. He will remove the dirt and leave you with pure and holy thoughts.

God’s Word is pure gold. It is more precious than all the riches in the world. It takes you to a level where pearls of wisdom and diamonds of knowledge are commonplace. Treasure the Word of God always!

Don’t worry about tomorrow. The Lord has been there and He knows how to handle the matters of the future. Your future is in His hands. Enjoy today. Rejoice over the Lord of today, yesterday and tomorrow!

Secrets from Heaven are being shared by the Holy Spirit. Prick up your ears. Give the Spirit of God an audience. Trust in His secrets and lean on His understanding.

Let your mouth be a source of blessings. Let your words be a fountain of positivity. Speak love. Speak God’s truth. Speak faith. Speak Jesus all the time!

God will add to your needs. He will give you more than enough. He will amplify your dreams and multiply your blessings. Trust Him!

God’s love in unparalleled. You can try to parallel park human’s love in its place but it won’t fit. God’s love can’t be boxed in. It is huge and it is immeasurable.

God’s light defies the darkness in this world. Walk in His light. Take it to the end of the world. People need to see His light and you are a great carrier. Keep shining His love and His light wherever you go!

God’s Word can detangle the knot of confusion that is sitting on your mind. Read His Word. Study His Word. His wisdom and His knowledge will help you renew your mind.

Suggested reading: Micah 7:8; Matthew 4:16; Romans 12:2

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