Let God redefine your life

We all have needs. Your needs might be very different from mine. Your needs might be something I don’t have to worry about. My needs might be something that is not a need for you at all. My needs might seem big to me but small to you. My needs might be met in your life and part of a struggle in my life. What I have learned is that God sees all our needs and none of them are too big or too small for Him. He sees them. He understands them and He can provide for them. Now, He also defines our needs according to His will. Sometimes what we need is not truly a need. It sounds confusing but when you bring your needs to the Lord and you let Him take care of them, He defines them. He helps give clarity as to what we need. I used to have a list of needs that were more desires than needs. God helped me define some of those needs as desires and He opened my mind to what I truly needed.

I love how God can redefine our lives and write a definition in line with His love and in line with His truth. We all need God’s redefinitions. We all need to bring everything to God in prayer and to let Him guide us and change us. Today I want to encourage you to let God redefine you. Let Him redefine not only your needs but your thoughts, your ideas, your desires and your disposition. Letting Him change us can be a tough process at the beginning because we have to let go of so much but it is the best thing we can do if we want to grow in the things of the Lord. Once you are all in, you will discover that God’s definition of you is wonderful. It is beautiful and it is full of love. He didn’t write you into this life with a pencil of anger and wrath. He wrote a beautiful story and you are the main character in it with Him. Your goal is for you to recognize that He should be the main character in your story and that you can’t live without Him. He defines your story, He defines your life and He defines you. Let God redefine your life.

When I got saved, I was fairly young but I had a few things in place in my life. I had some principles, some ideas about how to lead my life and some truths I held on to. After some time, God shook my realities and made me question some of my beliefs. I was brought up with some Christian values that have stayed with me my whole life. Some other values were imposed by my environment and by some ideologies that sounded great but that completely went against what God is all about. God injected love in my heart and in my thinking. Not only was it love for Him and for others but He also showed me that because He loved me, He would always take care of me. I didn’t have to worry and fear. I didn’t have to hold on to possessions to make sure I would make it in this life. He became my life and redefined everything. I had to let go and let God as they say.

Material goods including money represented security to me. I felt safe if I had lots of money in the bank. I believed it was what I needed. I was wrong and God rectified that mindset. He opened me to a new reality where love was a currency, faith was a precious possession and peace was a rule of thumb. The needs that I had were not what God wanted for me. I didn’t need that list of “must haves”. What I needed the most was a strong connection and relationship with Him. He would then take care of everything else. I need to trust and not to thrust my way to the top of the social ladder. He demonstrated over and over again that my desires should be His desires and He transformed my heart. I am not done but I have accepted how God keeps redefining me and my thoughts. He is so worth it. He deserves the best seat in my house. Enjoy how God can change you and make you more like Him. His redefinitions are phenomenal!

Suggested reading: Galatians 2:20; Philippians 1:6; 1 John 3:1-3

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