There is more to this life with God

When I first started experiencing the Lord, I was blown away by how amazing, loving and generous He was. I had been saved for many years but I knew nothing about experiencing God and living beyond the natural. I spent many years developing head knowledge about God but I had no heart knowledge. God was theory and ideas. The Bible was a manual and a book of principles. I stayed on the surface for a long time. I didn’t know any better. God was good and knowing Him on an intellectual level was fine. However, I know that my spirit wanted more and knew there was more. Reading about the Lord’s miracles seemed empty. It was great to learn about them but the hope to see them come to pass wasn’t there. God had been put on pause for most of my life up to that point.

My thinking and some of my upbringing had limited my interaction with God and my understanding of who He was all about. God is Spirit and He wants us to know Him in spirit and in truth. I found out that there was much more to this life with Christ. Much more than what you can understand with your mind. I found out that I had to let go of the logic that my brain loved to hang on to. Experiencing God was a step I wished to take but I was at a loss. What did that look like? Was it real? Was God interested in me enough to come down to my level and bring me up to His? Was all this wishful thinking or was there a higher dimension of God that we believers can experience on a daily basis.

I decided to pursue God and I embarked on a quest that led me to a new reality. A reality that clashed with what I had known. A reality that was out of this world. A reality that captured God and that set Him apart. A reality that was based on a strong foundation; the foundation of the Word of God. My reality was shaken by God’s reality. After years of speculation and hope, God turned out to be more real than I had imagined. I took steps to getting to know Him and he took strides to get closer to me. When we set our minds and our hearts on knowing God and we are open to who He is, He draws closer. He said “Knock and the door will be open.” My knocks were persistent and they were not only a cry for help but a need to know the truth and to live out this truth I had heard about. I was tired of hearing about God through other people. I wanted to hear from Him for myself and I wanted to see Him and enjoy His company like David and like Job. I loved reading about people with tenacious faith in the Word of God and I used them as models. Jesus was the most inspiring model and I stood outside His door and stayed there until He opened me to a new life, a life in Him and with Him.

Doing life with God was what appeared to be key for me. I understood that I had to acknowledge Him in all my ways. I put Jesus in everything I knew. How? I prayed for Him to bless every part of my life. I dedicated every part of my life that I was aware of to Him. My day started with Jesus and ended with Jesus. I became obsessed with worshipping Him and lifting Him up. Friend, it makes a huge difference when we praise the Lord with our lives and we do our best to impregnate our thoughts and our ideas with Him. Before long we see that there is much more to God than we imagine. The constant praise and worship through the way we live our lives and through singing and dancing lead to His presence being manifested more. God inhabits His praises and the more we praise Him the way I just described, the more of Him we see in our lives. We get to experience Him on a daily basis. I am talking about an outpouring of His glory. Blessings upon blessings. Fear dwindles. Boldness rises. Love dominates. Peace becomes a resident in our hearts. Joy flows at the least expected moment. Confidence and faith grow. It is a collision between Heaven and earth and an awareness of the Lord of the Bible. The Bible becomes alive and speaks to the depths of our souls. God tells us in His Word that there is more to this life. Jesus came to give us life in abundance and it is for here and now. Get closer to Him. Enjoy Him. Rejoice over Him. Celebrate Him. Make Him your priority. Dive into His love. Go there with your heart. Stay open to His Word. Know that He is faithful and that He adores you. Walk with Him. Stand with Him. Run with Him. Trust Him with your life. Depend on Him and He will show you that there is much more to this life. Jesus is King and He can rule your life and make it so much better than you can ever dream off. Seek His face and you will find a reality where anything is possible and love overcomes all!

Suggested reading: John 6:35; John 10:10; John 11:25-26

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